Designed to be compact for easy carrying for police and military on terrain, CT-1040H-DJ wearable jammer is specialized to protect infantry soldiers against commercially available drones used by enemy forces for reconnaissance or as a weapon delivery systems.

It is fully autonomous with built in antennas and battery for 40 min operation. Usual drone downing operation lasts only few minutes so it can be used approximately 10 times between charges. This gives soldiers great autonomy on terrain, and they can be sure that device is always ready for next action.

Modern warfare weapons, such as remote operated vehicles and drones, change advantages on terrain very quickly by collecting and delivering intelligence data to the operator in real time. It is critical to block such attempts, and only reliable way to do that is by jamming remote operated device, thus disabling it. CT-1040H-DJ 28W wearable jammer is best suited for military infantry teams, as the only one wearable jammer, per team, can save lives of the whole unit by preventing drone surveillance and possible drone attack, thus disadvantaging enemy units that rely on drone reconnaissance.

Drones and other remote operated vehicles are getting more sophisticated, and they can do many complicated tasks; carry mechanical or biological weapons, drop bombs and projectiles, disperse chemical agents, follow infantry units, and list is getting bigger every day. Being small and mobile such unist are next to impossible to shoot down and it is loud and unsafe practice to do so. Jamming remote signals is the only quiet and efficient way to disable them.

It is not always required to spot the drone or remote operated vehicle to activate the jammer. You can do it as a preventive measure when entering unfamiliar terrain with possible drone treats. Disabling remote operated vehicles can be of crucial importance in such operations. Drones and such machines do not always have to be in motion, sometimes they are parked on a tree, building, or some other dominating or hidden spot that surveys the area. Preventive jammer activation is, probably, the smartest practice to implement in all future infantry actions.

CT-1040H-DJ wearable jammer 28W is specialized to block 2.4Ghz, GPS, and 5.8Ghz signals, that are used by most of commercial UAV drones and other remote operated vehicles for their remote controls. This jammer is designed to be at hand for infantry units whose main job is not the drone surveillance and hunting, but for basic anti drone and remote operated vehicle protection on terrain. It is designed to be used by anyone who can turn the switch on and off when needed. No special training required. The effective blocking range is up to 500 meters. The jamming distance always varies, depending on the signal strength and location. This unit does not block GSM Cell phones. Jammer operation demonstration can be seen here: Product web page