In the age of crony capitalism Guberman PMC, an American-owned & operated quality consulting firm, has made it their mission to expose the quality certification alliance ANSI-ANAB-Chinese-National- led IAF as a security threat to American businesses, government, and military agencies.

New York, NY (USA), March 7, 2019 — Daryl Guberman, quality expert, patriot, and head of Guberman PMC, LLC ( has led the crusade to free the area of quality accreditation from organizations that have active member nations who despise the United States, have been caught spying on American businesses, and even have kept on nations which are impacted by the Donald Trump travel plan, quite possibly breaking the law. Guberman, a vocal critic of these kinds of very important issues for quite some time now, lays out the gory details in his new YouTube video “In The Age of Crony Capitalism Exposing ANSI-ANAB-China-led IAF is a Revolutionary Act” ( The video has been met with an immediate response that’s been a mix of surprise and anger.

“We have to be bigger people as leaders of businesses, and especially companies and organizations responsible for quality, than just chasing the dollar without principle,” commented the ever-driven Guberman. “With Guberman PMC, my name and my family’s name is attached to everything we do, so working with anti-American and anti-Jewish and Israel entities is just not possible in any way shape or form, We won’t sell our souls for crony capitalism.”

Some of the very questionable countries involved in the ANSI-ANAB-IAF mess, despite their being registered in the United States, for appearances purposes, include its Chinese leadership, a nation repeatedly proven to be responsible for Cyber Attacks against the United States on all levels; Iran, who calls for the complete destruction of both the U.S. (who it calls ‘The Great Satan’) and Israel; Pakistan, a well-established stronghold of terrorist training camps and safe houses; to name just a few of the vile highlights.

The good news is Guberman’s word is spreading, which means many pro-American companies who had no idea about these connections will likely leave these associations and instead turn to patriotic and transparent groups like Guberman PMC instead. It will be a long and hard fight considering the resources the IAF has, and the reluctance of some businesses to make changes unless forced to, but ultimately it will be well worth it.

A recent business in Chicago remarked, “We were really shocked to see all the evidence Daryl Guberman has when it comes to tie ANSI-ANAB-IAF. We couldn’t work with them with a clear conscious anymore, so thanks to Daryl’s spreading the truth we made the change we needed.”

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