Extend your classroom to the outdoors with Kensington’s canopies and shelters. Their fixed and free-standing canopies are designed to provide quality outdoor learning environments that students are sure to enjoy.

[Bristol, 6/3/2019] – Kensington Systems Ltd offers a range of stylish and functional canopies and shelters for educational facilities in the UK. These canopies and shelters are adaptable into spaces for outdoor classroom set-ups, providing students with outdoor learning environments fit for group studies and other similar activities. These systems are part of Kensington’s overall shade solutions, which also include products such as louvred roofs, blinds and skylights.

Start Investing in Outdoor Learning Environments

Kensington Systems Ltd offers canopies that provide comfortable outdoor learning spaces for students. The canopies provide increased protection from the sun and allow students to hold study groups or enjoy leisure time in a relaxed and convenient environment. Additionally, they allow schools to maximise the space available within the entire facility, helping to expand learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom.

Kensington canopies are designed for protection and versatility so they can ensure quality environments for students. The canopies utilise aluminium frames and triple-wall polycarbonate roof material to ensure strength and durability that can withstand different weather conditions. The roof design integrates a drainage channel that can manage water from rainfall efficiently. They also offer customisation regarding frames, glazing, integral lighting and shade features.

The canopies are either fixed or free-standing, depending on the client’s need. These utilise modular and universal design, allowing for canopies that are flexible for installation in different areas in the school premises. The canopies have a 10-year guarantee from Kensington Systems Ltd, but they are expected to last at least 25 years.¬

Shades and Shelters for Schools—the Kensington Solution

Apart from canopies, Kensington offers other shade solutions that are applicable for use in educational facilities. Their products help create more suitable environments for students, whether for studying, relaxation or area accessibility.

Kensington’s walkways provide sun and rain protection for students and teachers as they navigate the school premises, especially when moving from one building to another. These shelter systems enhance the school’s accessibility, helping to foster an environment conducive for productive experiences. Additionally, the walkways integrate with the existing design of the facility, ensuring that the extension is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

The Kensington Sailshade utilises fabric mounted on posts to provide a playground canopy for early learners. The fabric is exceedingly durable and suitable for outdoor environments, allowing children to enjoy playtime without suffering from direct exposure to the sun. Its main feature is its increased UV protection, which means that it can also contribute to protecting and extending the lifespan of playground equipment.

About Kensington Systems Ltd

Kensington Systems Ltd provides shade and shelter products for educational, commercial, healthcare and other sectors in need of solar control solutions. They have over 30 years of expertise in providing attractive and functional products for indoor and outdoor spaces, building a highly reputable track record of clients and partners from different sectors. Their products include canopies, walkways, louvred roofs, sail shades, blinds, skylights, curtain systems and other street furniture. They have offices in Bristol and Cardiff, and they offer their services nationwide.

For more information visit their website at https://www.kensingtonsystems.co.uk/.