(March 5, 2019): From February 14th, 2019, the reporterofCharityNewspaper followed the “Love Stray Animal Donation” group, whichincluding Amo Petric team and 112 volunteers went to Odense and organized a local donation for disabled, stray animals. With the deep concern for the stray animals and the warmth from the society, Amo Petric’s founder and representatives of the Danish stray animal foundation attended the event.

The Odense event lasted for ten days and was the longest in Amo Petric`s animal rescue program. For the first time,we walked out of Copenhagen and with the most volunteers. Moreover, a total of 130,000 yuan of donations was collected to help 32 injured and weak stray dogs & cats. In addition, the activity also realized the on-site link between the Stray Animal Protection Association and the public. At the event, 19 dogs & cats who had lived in pet rescue stations were adopted by loving families. Each family is photographed with the Amo Petric team and the photos will be placed in the charity hall at Amo Petric headquarters as a memorial.

Amo Petric has been actively involved in the protection of stray animals since its establishment. It has carried out various forms of on-site fundraising activities with charitable organizations throughout the country. Up to now, we have raised more than 700,000 yuan worth of charity funds as well as goods, and visited more than 30 stray animal bases. After the event, in early March, Amo Petric will call in more volunteer teams to start a new round of stray animal donation.

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