Bringing solutions to different hair and scalp issues, Kerluxe offers luxury hair care products, like Luminage shampoo, Aquavol conditioner and Crystalisse hair pure care. These products are formulated to strengthen hair and give it a healthy glow.

[ERLENBACH, 04/03/2019] – With a wide collection of shampoo, conditioner and hair masks, Kerluxe provides hair care solutions for different applications. The luxury brand supplies hair care products that are formulated to address specific hair and scalp problems.

Specific Collection for Specific Needs

Hair products from Kerluxe targets different hair and scalp issues for many users. The company also supplies hair care items that are best for a specific hair type (e.g., curly hair and straight hair).

• Luminage: This collection helps the hair recover and rejuvenate from damage. It strengthens fragile brittle hair from the inside to ensure that the hair strands are once again elastic and dense. It also helps hair resist colour fading and promotes smoothness. The Luminage collection has shampoos, conditioners, hair filling treatments and hair masks.

• Caviar4: This line of hair products from Kerluxe is best used for hair nourishment. It promotes health and strength, as well as repairs hair roots.

• Aquavol: For life, volume and strength restoration, Aquavol hair care products are the best choice from Kerluxe. They promote healthy hair and scalp, as well as deliver weightlessness, shininess and manageability.

• Crystalisse: Mixed with Antioxi O2 Complex, Crystalisse shampoo and conditioners strengthen defence against environmental stress and damage. Along with the hair’s natural strength, these hair care products shield the hair from pollutants. Crystalisse also offers hair pure cure.

• Resplendisse: A combination of four nourishing oils and silk proteins, Resplendisse products bind to the hair to prevent breakage, restore shine, improve manageability and reactivate curls. It comes as shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair supreme oil.

• Reactivisse: From solving hair loss to restoring hair vitality, Reactivisse shampoo, conditioner and hair growth activation lotion promote healthy hair growth whilst soothing the scalp.

All Kerluxe products are made of ingredients including collagen, peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. Finally, the hair care items contain fragrance notes that elevate the hair’s overall appeal.

About Kerluxe

Kerluxe sells hair care products that were born from the science of Swiss skincare. Its six collections have shampoo, conditioner, masks and other treatments.

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