ASTPP is a renowned VoIP billing solution. Being an open source VoIP billing software it comes with a lifetime free license. The community leaders of the ASTPP have recently announced the name of the Blue Telecoms as their platinum contributors.

About Blue Telecoms

It is based in Neath, Wales, United Kingdom with operational offices in 31 different countries. The company has been in industry since 2010 and catering customers in 29 countries worldwide. The company aims to provide a high performing and cost effective communication alternative of traditional telephony solutions, namely, ISDN and SIP Trunking. The mission of the company is to revolutionize the world of VoIP communication.

The Blue Telecoms is mainly in the wholesale VoIP business and it offers a wide array of communication services to the businesses. Some of the key offerings of the company are listed below:
• Office phone system
• Wholesale VoIP services
• SIP Trunking
• CLI Localisation
• Predictive dialer
• Hosted VICIDial
• Call center dialer
• Hosted dialer

The company has multiple products and with usage of these products, the company offers various services. To add automation and efficiency in the billing part of the hosted and wholesale VoIP business, the Blue Telecoms uses ASTPP: Open Source VoIP Billing Solution. The company handles complex multinational billing process with the ASTPP: FreeSWITCH billing software.


It is a popular open source solution which can be used by any VoIP business. It is a VoIP billing software which is developed on top of FreeSWITCH. The solution is easy to use and can be easily integrated within any FreeSWITCH based system such as, IP PBX, call center solution, etc. As per the shared details, more than 10,000 businesses use this FreeSWITCH billing software and every month 250 new businesses and / or users download ASTPP.

A few months back, the community leaders of ASTPP: FreeSWITCH billing solution had launched the crowdfunding campaign to collect funds for development and growth of this platform. The community leaders of the ASTPP had announced to reward the contributors to the ASTPP crowdfunding campaign with noteworthy rewards. The Blue Telecoms is one of the platinum contributors who is going to be rewarded with a wide array of rewards which are listed below:

1. A featured post on the official website of ASTPP: VoIP Billing Solution
2. A specific mention in the upcoming version release of ASTPP: FreeSWITCH Billing Solution
3. A featured post on social media
4. A featured mention on the crowdfunding contributor page on the official website of ASTPP
5. Free support service worth 300 USD
6. Priority bug fixing services
7. Free training of upcoming version of ASTPP by its makers

The community has posted a featured blog post on the official blog section of this open source VoIP billing solution which features Blue Telecoms. Access the featured post here: