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01.03.2019 – In the last one-decade digital platforms have won the race when it comes to marketing products. And this applies to almost every product out there that businesses want to market – including housing projects. And, the need of the hour is to not only change your marketing collateral but also ensure that it evolves with the context of the potential customer.

There are creative teams at firms like Corporate Collateral, offering online Marketing Collateral solutions to real estate firms and other businesses, who fully understand this. They know that digital platforms allow very precise targeting of marketing at people, on the one hand, because of availability of more precise information.

On the other hand, digital platforms also tell that today people lose and gain interest in products at unprecedented speeds. Given this, it becomes very important for businesses to ensure that their marketing remains relevant to people on social media platforms.

This requires the kind of social media creative’s team that works at Corporate Collateral. An example one expert from this team gave was very insightful. According to him, for social media creative’s solutions to be effective they need to know how to smoothly enter conversations people are having on these platforms.

The days are over when ads would be interruptive. This method does not work on social media. Rather, social media marketing is content driven. Businesses need to find out how their marketing collateral can take the conversation people are having forward. And, by evolving the marketing strategy as and when the conversation changes, businesses ensure that they can smoothly get people to take an interest in their product.

Relevant Mediums for Marketing

This too is an important decision that can make or break a business. Choice of marketing mediums must be on the basis of the product one is selling. For example, a real estate business can choose 2D-3D Animated Videos to explain their project ideas to home buyers in an effective way.

Similarly, platforms, where one should market one’s products, is also important. For example, a real estate firm should enter digital spaces where middle-aged people with families interact. They are the ones who would be interested in buying houses.

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