Ajay Sawhney & Associates are an accounting firm that offers a range of services like taxation and investment advisory for non-resident Indians (NRIs).

Delhi, India, 28th February 2019Z

If you are an NRI and looking for advice on taxation then the best advisory company that you can contact is Ajay Sawhney & Associates. The chartered accountancy and financial firm founded by Ajay Sawhney in 1987, works with a number of clients and offers a variety of services. The firm has specialized in offering taxation services as well as other advisory services for non-resident Indians.

The taxation services provided by the firm are provided to both Indian residents and non-residents. Apart from individuals, the services are provided also to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large corporate entities, multi-national companies, and also NGOs. The firm also has had the advantage of providing services to major Banks of India, Comptroller and Auditor General of India, various Financial Institutions, LIC and Co-operative Societies that come under the law. Ajay Sawhney & Associates offer Audit services, services related to Company Law matters, International Finance and Taxation etc.

The firm’s specialization area is, of course, NRI taxation in india. NRIs are those who stay outside India and hence the Indian income tax laws and rules are not applicable to them. But many NRIs establish offices in India and start a business. Once they start a business in India, they need to follow local rules and also tax provisions may be applicable for them. They would be having confusion about which rules they have to follow, whether they need to pay tax and so on.

They would need the advice of a financial expert who is well-versed with the tax laws and knows which laws would be applicable. For all their clarifications regarding NRI taxation, they can contact Ajay Sawhney & Associates, who are experts in this field. The rich experience of the senior partners of the firm and their mastery of the tax laws and the financial rules ensure they can give the best advice to NRIs.

When NRIs start activities in India, the FEMA regulations may be applicable. The firm of Ajay Sawhney would provide valuable advice on whether it would be applicable and how procedures need to be handled. They also help to advise on taxes, tax savings, investments, procedure for filing tax returns and they can help in computing tax and filing returns. The tax services that are offered are for both NRIs and residents.

Apart from NRI tax advisory, the firm offers other services like investment advisory, loans for NRIs, foreign investment advice, advice on setting up businesses in India, opening office in India, purchase and sale of property in India, purchase and sale of business, remittance of funds, etc. The firm has been providing advice to NRIs from many years and has excellent experience in this field.

For any tax or investment requirements, both residents and NRIs can contact Ajay Sawhney & Associates on