Mosquitoes are among the most prevalent pests you are likely to encounter in any yard. Bites from these pests can often result in a number of health conditions including, infections from West Nile virus, malaria, and dengue virus. Preventing or reducing disease transmission typically depends on the ability to control mosquito vectors or intersecting the contact between humans and vectors.

Controlling Vector – Human Contact
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have collaborative activities geared towards mosquito control programs. Their control strategies usually focus on the biological information in terms of mosquitoes’ life and reproduction, as well as the epidemiological information of various vector-borne diseases. As such the two organizations have come up with a methodology with the best mosquito control mechanisms.

Integrated Pest Management
It is this integrated pest management strategy that informs most of the mosquito control Cape Cod programs being implemented by various top pest control companies like Mosquito Shield among others. To successfully control mosquitoes in your yard, it is required that you intervene at some point in their life cycle before they get to bite and infect someone. Therefore, when choosing a mosquito control service, you may want to consider a company that leverages on every stage of the mosquito’s life. This is going to help achieve control by employing a unified approach often referred to as integrated pest management.

Features of Integrated Pest Management
While this is science-based approach, it is mostly found on common sense strategies for managing pests and vectors like mosquitoes. According to IPM programs, they are mainly found on pest prevention and reduction. However, the management techniques also ensure that all conditions leading infestations of pests are eliminated. In addition, the programs heavily depend on educating residents and pest monitoring.

Pest Management Companies and IPM
Today, almost every pest management company claims to use integrated pest management approaches. While it can be very easy for any company to post this on their website, implementing the approaches in your yard is a totally different thing. One of the features you should look for in a pest control service, therefore, is resident education. Is the company going to educate you on different mosquito self-prevention strategies?

The next important feature to look for in an ideal mosquito spraying Cape Cod service is monitored on the pests. The most reliable companies like Mosquito Spraying are always keen on making follow-up monitoring services to see whether they need to employ other back up approaches to the IPM strategy they applied in your case.

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