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Clean Track is one of the renowned automotive accessory manufacturer that manufactures excavator track cleaning tool. Their excavator track cleaning product removes mud, snow and other foreign materials that settle on the excavator track shoe. The clean Track blade is a patented excavator track cleaning tool manufactured by Clean Track. The blade is attached to the excavator track shoe, so that it removes the dirt and mud in the excavator track when it is moving. Clean Track blade is widely used in excavator because the excavator track cleaning process is automated.

Benefits of Clean Track blade

Generally the excavator workers or operators used to clean the excavator track shoe with a shovel. It is a tedious process and also it is time consuming for the person, who is cleaning the excavator track by shovel. Clean Track cut off the excavator track cleaning time. It increases productivity and reduces the labour cost. The excavator track shoe is cleaned continuously by the Clean Track blade; due to this the excavator maintenance cost is reduced. Clean Track blade reduces the downtime of the excavator that is caused usually due to improper maintenance of the excavator track shoe. The blade is made up of custom polyether blend which makes it very flexible and durable. Clean Track blade is the best fully automated excavator track cleaning tool, which is available at affordable price. The Clean Track blade is having very high wear resistant, which makes the blade to last longer. Clean Track manufactures their Clean Track blade with supreme quality.

Other Services by Clean Track

Clean Track provides outstanding customer support to their customers even after the product purchase. They assist their customers related to the queries about the product. Clean Track provides a track measuring guide for their customers, which is freely available in their website. From this track measuring guide their customers will clearly understand the methods of taking various measurements in excavator. They also provide track measurement sheet, which can be easily downloaded from their website. The various measurements taken from the excavator can be noted in the track measuring sheet.

About Clean Track

Clean Track is a certified manufacturing company that manufactures Clean Track blade. The blade is the best selling Excavator track cleaning product. Clean Track blade is a premium quality track Cleaning tool because it is manufactured from polyether. Clean Track blade wipes the mud , snow and dirt that settle on excavator track shoe. The blade is made to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Clean Track blade is made very strong, so that gives enough pressure to completely cleans out the all the mud from the excavator track shoe. To know more information about excavator track cleaning tool, vist

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