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Thirdegree – Got questions? The answer you want, from exactly who you want.

We get it – you’re a busy, inquisitive human. You have questions. You don’t have time to go through forums or blogs or other people’s comments. Thirdegree is the place to ask all your questions, and you’ll get answers from the right people.

It’s YOUR right answer every time.

How does it work?
– Ask a question – Put up your question in any of the question types: Multiple Choice, Yes/No, or True/False

– Choose the answers – If you have a multiple-choice question, decide on answer options before hand for users to decide from. Why? We want to make sure you don’t get any unhelpful or silly answers.

– Who do you want to ask? – Decide on the best community or communities to answer your question. From a specific city, country, or the entire world, down to the precise gender and age; you want the right people to see and answer your question.

– Choose a category – Food, travel, relationships, and more. Let your community know what category (choose up to two) your question falls under.

– Post and watch – Once you submit your question, it gets sent out to the users who match the profile you specified when creating the question. Now, just sit back, relax, and get your Thirdegree.

What are you waiting for? We know you have a million questions. Ask away. #dothepoll

Have a question or want to leave some comments? Give us your “thirdegree” at


Available on both Android and iOS. Get it today, for free!