Adventure Boot Camp has always directed its best practices towards making exercising a fun activity for South African women. Providing a perfect fitness solution, their outdoor fitness program has picked up pace and become a favourite of many.

Their comprehensive fitness sessions exclusively for women have helped many South African women in achieving their fitness goals. The camps also serve as a place where the women can find a sense of belonging and not shy away from their fitness journey. Adventure Boot Camp has always aimed to offer a complete solution, offering programs that consist of workouts, fitness instructions, nutritional counselling, motivational training and loads of fun activities.

Always striving to serve their clients in the best possible way, Adventure Boot Camp has now introduced two new plans. These plans are aimed at offering greater freedom and flexibility to all.

Adventure Me Plan
The Adventure Me plan is a scheme that makes you commit to your fitness, by signing up for 11 camps. Signing up for the complete year at one go, you pay a lower per camp price, resulting in great cost savings. The Adventure Me Plan is priced from R470 per camp, varying according to the camp location.

The plan not only allows you to avail an unlimited number of sessions in each camp but also give you the flexibility to avail them anywhere across the nation. You also have complete freedom to chop or alter your sessions as per your needs. The debit order option of the plan ensures automatic payments and sign-up, putting an end to the monthly hassle.

Fit Figures Plan
The Fit Figure Plans offers you the flexibility to pay from camp to camp when you participate in them. It eliminates the need to make a fixed commitment for a number of sessions. The plan is best-suited for women who are enthusiastic about their fitness but fail to make large commitments due to their daily unpredictable schedules.

Instead of a fixed number of sessions, the plan offers you access to an unlimited number of sessions in a single boot camp, anywhere across the nation. You can select any location and time as per your desire. The Fit Figures Plan is priced from R500 per camp.

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About Adventure Boot Camp
Adventure Boot Camp is an outdoor fitness community that organises fun fitness programs exclusively for women. The camps are held in more than 60 locations across South Africa, catering to women of all ages and fitness levels. Putting an end to the monotonous and sweaty gym sessions, they aim to make exercising fun for women.

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