Pittsburg, PA, 14 February 2019 – – A tower clock at your headquarters could be the beacon you must be looking for to enhance your corporate image. It will be highly fitting and aptly rewarding to have a tower clock at your corporate house as it will announce your achievement in a big way while getting huge publicity for your brand. Establishing a clock tower is a tall order as it is a combination of architecture and technology and in Chomko LA LLA you have the best provider of outdoor and tower clocks. The company has the knowledge, technology and experience to execute such projects and have global partners to help with technology and resources.
Versatile school bell systems for K-12 schools
If you have a tower clock in mind then you don’t need to look beyond the USA based time technology management and suppliers. Besides big tower and building clocks the company is also into supplying school bell systems, PA speaker systems, Wi-Fi clocks, street clocks, intercoms with digital display and other time management tools. Best thing about the company is that you can customize all your needs accordingly and get them implemented by their expert technical team. Their school bell system is one of the best acclaimed school bell management system ever invented. The system is driven by software and supported by internet technology to make it a wireless operation saving ugly spread of cables and expense.
Automated school bells saves money, time and labor
If you have a K-12 school in the USA you can trust them to give you the best school bell management system. The school bell system will support any number of bells and will ring them timely without the need of an assistant and save you bother of keeping vigil. The system also allows you to store premeditated school bell timings and ring bells according to them. The system obtains accurate time from satellites and time networks or from your office computer network, so you can expect the timings to be accurate to the last nano-seconds. The system is autonomous and will not manual help and automatically activate bells according to the time fed in to the software. Visit the website http://www.chomkola.com/ to know more about the company and its products. You can get in touch with them on phone numbers (800) 964-5749 (toll free), 412-482-3822 (Pittsburgh) and 404-334-0202 (Atlanta) and get your queries cleared.
Chomko, LA, is a trusted time management company operating from the US and is specialized in commissioning clock towers and providing school bell systems to K-12 and other institutions.
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