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Handrails are structural components that your home and all other construction projects require for fulfilling many vital requirements. When compared to old days’ products, modern manufacturers have come up with top-class Handrails that suit for modern construction projects. Anyway, this high number of available products in the market can also confuse you when choosing the right handrail for your home or construction project. In today’s article, let’s understand the prime handrail types; hence you can determine the best product for your home; let’s get started!

The simplest handrail type is the bar-type product that should get installed on the wall side of a staircase or walking passages. These products don’t come with additional structural components such as balustrade panels or metal meshes. Bar-type Handrails can be either plastic, wooden, or metallic ones, and depending on the material used; the features and properties of the handrail vary to a greater extent. As you know, plastic and wooden Handrails are less suitable for outdoor applications as their resistance to environmental factors is questionable. So, depending on where you will install the handrail; choose the right product in the first hand, and focus on the installation of it as well.

Robust Handrails are ideal for the open side of staircases or balconies. Also, Handrails are common structural elements for elevated walking passages as well. To make those Handrails suitable for complex applications, the manufacturers incorporate elements such as metal meshes, expanded meshes, wire meshes, glass panels, and even thick metal plates. Most industrial properties make use of robust Handrails that come with metal meshes or metal sheets. Remember, depending on the element included on the handrail; features and properties of them vary to a greater extent. For example, if metal meshes are the choice that the manufacturer has used as balustrade panels; those products won’t block your views. And, you can imagine the scenario when metal sheets are installed on robust Handrails.

Depending on the what is there on Handrails as balustrade panels, the features and properties vary. Metal meshes cover your view up to a certain extent. As mentioned, a few manufacturers use glass panels as well now. Anyway, those glass panels are toughened ones that can withstand harsh factors. Also, glass panels last for centuries, saving your time and money in the long run. Sometimes, a manufacturer may use toughened plastic panels as well. If kids are there in your home; you should choose Handrails that come with meshes, glass panels, or other barrier options that offer the highest safety levels. Also, make sure that the handrail is tall enough to ensure the safety of all family members.

No matter the handrail type you choose, the quality of it depends on the manufacturer 100%. For example, the handrail can be a metal or wooden one, but the manufacturer is the party that ensures that materials they use and the quality of those materials. Also, make sure you choose a Handrails supplier that offers you the highest number of product options. When more options are there for you to choose from; the chance that you will end up buying the wrong handrail is a minimum. Don’t worry! We can guide you through the selecting process. Also, we provide installation services as well for our Handrails. Remember, the installation of robust structural components is beyond your limits; hence you need professional support for it.