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Your home’s ceiling is a prime structural component that leads to heat losses and gains, and Ceiling Insulation is the thermal barrier type that stops these to a greater extent. Since Australia is a country that comes across four seasons a year, no homeowner can ignore the importance of insulation; well, even commercial and industrial property owners don’t ignore it today. Depending on your ceiling’s size/area, the percentage of heat that leaks through it varies. For example, every structural component of your home contribute heat losses and gains up to certain extents. And, we can say that about 25% of the heat in your home might leak through the ceiling/roof. So, even these few facts suggest that you need Ceiling Insulation to stay protected from winter cold and summer heat.

How does heat leak through the ceiling? Yes, the mechanism of heated air is the reason behind this scenario. Heated air molecules rise as they got more energy and they are lighter than cold air molecules. As a result, heated air rises, then leaks through the ceiling. So, if you haven’t installed Ceiling Insulation; it is pretty clear that heated air can flow through the roof. What is the downside of it? All of us prefer living a comfortable life in our homes, and the temperature is an environmental parameter that affects us here to a greater extent. When it is either too cold or warm, our mind makes us take actions against it. And, that action could be feeling uncomfortable; hence we stress over it. Also, the temperature directly affects our sleep quality, and sleep quality is a prime factor that determines how well we perform in the daytime. So, when about 25% of the heat in your home can leak through the ceiling, and you haven’t installed Ceiling Insulation; can you live a comfortable, happy life?

Heat, whether low or high is a parameter that flows from high-intensity places to low-intensity ones. So, summer heat flows into your home as your home is the low-intensity place in this case. And, the heat in your home leaks to the outside in winter as your home is the high-intensity place, and the outside is the low-intensity place. Unfortunately, we can’t stop these natural phenomena. Anyway, we can take precautionary actions to minimize the effect of these environmental happenings. As mentioned, about 25% of the heat in your home can leak through the ceiling/roof. But, this percentage can increase to a greater extent if structural damages are there on the roof structure. Also, water that might leak through those structural damages will undoubtedly cause severe damages to Ceiling Insulation. Hence, make sure you hire a structural inspector before installing new thermal barriers on your ceiling.

The importance of Ceiling Insulation doesn’t stop at controlling the temperature in your property. Let’s say you haven’t invested money in insulation; hence you frequently go through nasty temperature fluctuations. What would you do to overcome it? Well, you will surely keep the heaters and air conditioners on all through the year. As you know, heaters and air conditioners consume electricity in vast amounts, making you lose your hardly-earned money for energy bills. Instead, why don’t you invest money in Ceiling Insulation along with other thermal barriers and keep the heaters and air conditioners off 365 days a year? In summary, insulation brings you happiness in many ways; invest money in it so!