Intelligence7 Training:

1. Beginner Module:
Introduction to Stock market
Equity trading
Futures trading
Options trading
Commodity trading
Ways and execution of trading

2. One Step Ahead – Technical Analysis:
Introduction to technical analysis and chart reading.
Technical indicators:
Exponential moving averages and set up
Moving Averages convergence & Divergence
Relative strength index
Head & Shoulder pattern
Cup & Handle pattern
Double top & Double bottom concepts
Fast stochastic osciallators
Support & Resistance
Bollinger band
Flags & pennants
Candlestick pattern, etc.
Course Duration: 25 Hours

3. Fundamental Analysis:

Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
What is relevant ?
Efficiency Market Hypothesis – pros & cons.
The Time of Money Concept
Interest Rate & Discount Factor
Understanding of Financial Statement
Reports- director, auditor
Financial Statement – Balance sheet, Income sheet.
Cash-flow statement
Valuations Methodology
Top down valuation- Industry, Economy, Company
Discounted Cash Flow
Dividend Discount Model
Price / Earning ratio
Price / Book value Ratio
EBITDA ratio
Special cases of valuation – IPO, NIM
Course Duration: 40 Hours

– Including :
– Live Trading sessions after Theory.
– Strategies for Trading
– Screening Strategies
– Picking of stocks for Intraday as well as Positional(Short and Long term)
– Traders Group Support
– Live Trading Floor