When it comes to purchasing waterfront properties, there are few caveats that you should know. Of course, it is an undeniable fact that experiencing life at a waterfront property in itself is a wonderful and a “dream come true” experience. However, to ensure that your investment in a waterfront property pays off, here are 5 important things that you should consider:
• Buying a waterfront property in Canada is amazing but there are certain regulations that you should know about. The Canadian law clearly states that the water surrounding the waterfront property cannot be considered as private property. Every year, the aquatic authority of Canada puts a barrier line on the water body, which varies year to year.
• If you own a sailboat, docking a sailboat next to your waterfront property requires you to abide by certain protocols.
• When living on a waterfront property, you are more likely to experience frequent storms and these storms can even get amplified by concurrent weather patterns. This uncertainty in weather pattern can influence your choice of building materials and the placement of your waterfront home.
• You if you have purchased any real estate before, you may already know how important the location is in comparison to the structure/property itself. The same thing applies with waterfront properties. You should consider the structure more than the location itself. The location where you waterfront property is located can determine its price, utility and resale value.
• If you own a sailboat or yacht, it is important that you measure the water depth near your waterfront property. This is important because you don’t want to be living in a waterfront property where you cannot dock your sailboat or yacht.
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