Visible signs of ageing in terms of fine lines and wrinkles on particular parts of face start appearing in their late twenties or mid-thirties for many women. These lines and wrinkles are much higher when women smile or frown. There are many makeup remedies such as anti-ageing creams that claim to help in fighting signs of ageing, however the results may vary person to person depending on the amount of sagging and inelastic skin, their natural healing capacity and type of skin.

Filler treatment can be the best non-surgical and non-invasive remedy for minimizing or nullifying signs of ageing in women. This treatment is considered to be out-patient procedure and the patient would not be required to stay overnight in the hospital.

After a thorough diagnosis of patient’s face studying it when at rest, when smiling and frowning, expert cosmetic surgeons decide on the line of treatment. Depending on the area to be treated they design a dosage of dermal fillers for injecting in various affected areas. This treatment can be given for various parts of face such as mouth to chin area, mouth to nose area, cheeks, acne scars, area around eyes and areas on forehead.

Surgeons inject dermal fillers using fine needles. If required they can numb the area to be treated for pain relief. These fillers give a proper volume under the skin layers in affected areas by lines and wrinkles and cut the contact between the muscle nerves to brain. Thus within some days patients can get the results. As there would be less muscle movements in treated areas of face, patients would experience that lines and wrinkles that were formed before filler treatment are totally disappeared.

Filler treatment cost depends on various factors such as experience of surgeon, location of his clinic, type of dermal filler used, number of areas to be treated and so on.

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