Radhika Bangia is an Indian digital content creator and a huge social media star. She is the internet’s next big sensation. For those who don’t know, she has a huge fan following across social media. She is one of the biggest collaborators from India in the digital content space. She is one of the most vibrant social media stars of our times. She does content on dance, comedy, beauty, fitness and lifestyle and all with equal ease.

Recently she had collaborated with King Bach who has about 17.3 million. He is a huge Hollywood actor and one of the biggest guys on social media in US making content for social media. She also collaborated with De storm who has a following of 4.7 million, Janina who has about 2 million followers and dexter Dexter Darden who is a famous Hollywood actor, Mr. D with more than 1.2 million followers, Jake Hunter and Matt Josten. Most of these appear in Hollywood movies and are really widely known in their spaces of content.
We spoke to her radhika and she was elated to share her experience. She says, “it was absolutely crazy that people I looked up to these people all these years and I was in their videos and they were in my videos. I had to pinch myself to believe that it’s happening. I got through to destrom somehow. I asked him if he’s up for collaboration and he invited me to come by and shoot with them. So all of US content creators used to get together at one place there. I managed to meet everyone there and hustle my way through. I ended up shooting with them for 3 days and then other creators there got to know that I am shooting with this gang, so they started reaching to me to collab with them. King Bach took me in one of his videos which he posted on his page. De storm liked my video idea and he posted it on his page too. I also taught Nina and King Bach Hindi for a skit for Nina’s page. It was hilarious but they are so talented that they picked up Hindi so quick. They were welcoming and very humble people. There’s no air about them. They are very hardworking and professional. When they shoot, they shoot in a day and make so many videos just in a day. They are super creative. King Bach thinks of concepts on the spot and shoots them in 15 mins and edits in 10. They are that efficient. I even made Matt and Dexter dance to a Bollywood song for a skit and they killed it.
Some of her dance covers are a huge hit on Facebook garnering millions of views and more. Not only is she a great dancer but this pretty star is a fashion diva as well which is well depicted by his social media. She is a major influencer and is currently working with multiple brands.

We are now sure that Radhika’ trip to the US has been one super successful one and her videos are evident of that. She became the first Indian girl to collab with Hollywood’s biggest comedians and social media influencers. Recently BB ki Vines had collaborated with Amanda Cerny and Radhika’ collaborations bring us huge cheers as we as Indians actually are working with the best even in terms of Youtube. Her videos are an instant hit on social media. Here’s to wishing her more success and influence which is platform agnostic.