What is a Gojek clone?

Gojek clone app is similar to the Indonesian Gojek app, but with enhanced features and a lot more customizations.

How does it work?

Gojek offers around 52 services under three categories – Delivery, ride-hailing, and other services. The ride-hailing category has everything that has to do with transport, from taxis to boat rentals. The delivery services include food delivery logistics. Other services consist of babysitting, on-demand doctors, tutors, household, massage, beauty and a lot more.

Users can download the app and select the service they want. The app is user-friendly and follows a quick and easy process.

The process AppDupe offers for a Gojek clone consists of,

Registration – Register with credentials/social media log in
Home screen – Display of the available services to choose from.
Select service – Users can choose the required service.
Pick up and drop location – Enter the pick and drop location using maps or typing the address.
Payment – Choose the payment mode and make the payment or Cash on Delivery (CoD), if available.
Rating – After the service is completed, the service provider and the customer can rate and review.

What AppDupe offers?

AppDupe offers a licensed source code that can be customised to your requirements which will eventually help to get a wide customer base. You can add or remove services and define the features for the same. The basic yet significant features are provided, such as,

>Multiple payment gateways
>Add to cart
>Rating and reviews
>My orders
>Geo-tracking and a lot more

Apart from all the basic features, you can add more features if you require. AppDupe offers a cross-platform compatible app for native iOS, Android and the web.

What benefits with AppDupe?

Customizations are on point because they have adept developers on their side. The turnkey solution is bliss for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to extend their services with a sophisticated app.

Website: https://www.appdupe.com/gojek-clone