This is being considered as the best moment by the company as because a recent survey that included response from over 10,000 clients has indicated that WLSI is the most popular choice for safety cones and barricades in the region. Here are few facts that make the company top the list:

1. Light Weight
Their traffic blockades are made of a light weight polyethylene which is a lot lighter than usual solid barriers. The lighter design makes these traffic barricades very portable and a great option for temporary work sites and events. Costs for transporting them are also substantially lower due to the lighter design. Because they are not permanently attached to the ground, they can be reused many times which will save the cost of having to purchase new barriers.

2. Less Labor Intensive
Their portability and lightweight additionally implies they are less work escalated and can be taken care of and installed effectively by two people. Various designs allow for movement of the barricades with a forklift. Specific 6 inches wide grooves designed into the barricades allow for easy lifting and relocation. The interlocking design that comes with male/female makes it easy to create a continuous wall without the use of cables or pins.

3. Color Variations
The polyethylene plastic arrives in a wide variety of splendid hues which allow traffic safety cones to be effectively seen even from a far distance. Visibility is a vital component of the traffic safety cones effectiveness. Often an ultraviolet light inhibitor is added to the plastic to insure the colors won’t fade when exposed to long periods of sunlight.

4. Customizable
In addition to the colorful plastic, these traffic barricades are made to accommodate lights, signage, and reflectors for added visibility. A traffic control company can ask WLSI to incorporate custom logos into the design during the tooling process, which can help prevent theft of your barriers from jobsites. If you own a traffic control company or work for one, and need best products, WLSI is the source.

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