31 January 2019 – Best Marketing Online provides a total guide for those whoa re wondering to reach high goals in the domain of trading and stock marketers. If you are a beginner int his field of have already tried it out, then the Best Marketing Online platform has something totally amazing for you. Do not hesitate to check out the Best Marketing Online platform in order to see how it works from inside and have some truly unique info under your hand.

Who is a trader? Trader is acting on his own initiative and seeking to make a profit directly from the trading process. It usually means trading in securities (stocks, bonds, futures, options) on the stock exchange. Do not confuse a trader with other merchants who conduct transactions at the request of customers or on their behalf: broker, dealer, distributor. Trading is the direct work of a trader: an analysis of the current market situation and the conclusion of trade transactions. They have tangence with maxx markets and not only.

Professional traders – work in financial institutions or enterprises (banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, brokers, dealers). Usually they have a specialized education and a license for the relevant activity. Perform operations for money and in the interests of their companies or their clients. Under Russian law, such merchants are required to have personal certificates (previously issued by the Federal Service for Financial Markets, now the Bank of Russia is doing this). Private traders, independent traders – carry out operations for their own money and in their own interests (work for themselves), use the services of intermediaries (brokers, dealers) to access the trading systems. Their operations usually do not require licensing. Often do not have specialized education, use the services of consultants, including professional traders. On the Best Marketing Online page you can find about the most important tips and tricks for stock market beginners by maxx markets.

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