24th January 2019, New Delhi: Eastman Cast and Forge Ltd is a company which is involved in the manufacturing of different types of tools which are used in different industries to help in decreasing the physical effort. It has been in the business of manufacturing tools since the year 1986 and since then they have emerged to be one of the best tool manufacturing company.

Some more information and details about this company were shared by the CEO and other top executives in a recently organised press meet in the city of Delhi.

“In the presence of you all we are proud to share our thoughts that how this company has evolved and emerged since its establishment in the year 1986 and now as we have completed our 33 of success we would like share that how this company has travelled this long journey of success and how much hard work each employee of the company has put to make this company reach where it has reached in current times. As you guys know that we manufacture some of the best tools to help people to work with less physical support. In this digital age if you want to buy our products they are very easily available to like assume if you want to buy a hand tool kit then what you are required to do is just do an internet search as hand tool kit online india and you will reach to our products.,” spoke the CEO.

In this period of time this company has its business in more than 40 countries including South America, Central America, Russia, Europe, Africa and Middle East etc.

The company has very dedicated set of employees from top to bottom and this has made the company reach where it is standing right now. Every employee of the company is same responsible for the high quality products given by the company.

The tools produced by Eastman Cast and Forge Ltd are some of the best tools for the use in different industries, all the products by the company are long running and highly durable which can work in any condition either is too much hot or too cold the tools of Eastman Shop can work in any scenario or situation and they really help in getting a hard job done in less effort.

The products of this company are available on online market as well so if you want to buy a hand took kit online then you just have to make a search on the internet and you will reach to the hand tool kits available.
Eastman Cast and Forge Ltd (www.eastmanshop.com) is tools manufacturing company which was originated from India and it has its head office in the city of Delhi. This company was established in the year of 1986.