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Classic Cabins is an established designer and builder of kit cabins for Australian homes. Other than pre-designed and pre-built granny flats, the company allows their clients to customise designs based on their preferences.

[BAYSWATER, 30/01/2019] – Since 1979 Classic Cabins has provided their products and services to the Victoria, Western NSW and the Riverina Regions. Their kit cabins are prefabricated and built in a climate-controlled environment for enhanced strength and durability.

Classic Cabins offers a wide range of customisation options that cater to almost every need and taste. The company gives their customers the freedom to specify every detail of the structure, seeing to it that their clients get a cabin that matches expectation.

Customisable elements and fittings

Clients can choose from Classic Cabins’ selection of appliances, paint colours and cladding options, among others.

The company has the following available for their clients’ choosing:

• Cladding – Cladding has both aesthetic and functional purposes: it sets the tone of the cabin and protects it from the elements. Classic Cabins’ line of cladding ensures that cabins are both stylish and durable. The company’s selection includes Western Red Cedar, Colourbond and Weathertek.

• Roller blinds – Classic Cabins offers practical and fashionable window dressings that provide privacy and ensure that excessive heat and sunlight are kept out of the house. The company’s line of product lines come in Onescreen White and Storm (grey).

• Kitchen appliances – For maximum convenience, Classic Cabins has several options available for kitchen appliances. The company has several range hoods to choose from. Clients can also choose between an electric or gas cooktop.

Classic Cabins provides advice on the most cost-effective designs and methods to meet their clients’ vision, and make recommendations for the best layout and materials to meet customer needs.

About Classic Cabins

For over 40 years, Classic Cabins has designed and built a range of granny flats, kits cabins, outdoor rooms and teenage retreats. Clients can choose from the company’s catalogue of existing products or come up with their designs to suit their individual needs.

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