Gurgaon-based holiday resort Best Western earns 4 stars for its hotel accommodation from the ministry of tourism.

Gurgaon, India, 23rd January, 2019

Taking short sabbaticals over regular and long weekends is the most effective way to relax and rewind. In India, city dwellers with a grueling lifestyle often find it unbearable to keep up with the back-breaking pressure and speed of everyday routine without a quick vacation every now and then. But owing to the demanding nature of their work life travelling to distant destinations remain out of question. Thankfully, resorts and country clubs have helped remedy that situation with great success. Best Western is one among the many resorts that bring holiday opportunities closer to Delhi.

BW, a resort country club offers a 5-star Holiday experience just outside the city limits. Located at a point which is neither too close, nor to far from the designated city boundaries, Best Western is a haven for city people looking to decompress over a quick vacation. Over by the Delhi-Jaipur Highway, Located at a middle point, Best Western Resort Country Club welcomes beaten and exhausted city people a chance to holiday, not far from home.

BW Resort Country Club is located exactly at a 45 minutes’ drive from the airport. Away from the chaos and pollution that Delhi is infamous for, this club is set amidst miles of greenery. Right in the lab of nature, the resort offers a perfect rural experience with the luxuries of a swanky hotel. While the interior accommodates all the creature comforts that make holidays unforgettable, outside the resort lies miles and miles of mustard field which is in full bloom all through summer. The yellow and green of the mustard field is a sight for sore eyes that only see concrete edifices all year long.

The resort was built some 27 years back, and since then, it has changed much. Though always dedicated to comfort and hospitality, the resort has expanded and modified much over time. Today it stands amidst a picturesque setting guarding deluxe rooms with room, well-kept gardens, state-of-the-art conference rooms, clear blue pools, gorgeous banquets and much more. With a view to a much greener and cleaner world, BW Resort Country Club offers a sneak peak of glamorous life that everybody aspires but only very few actually have.

A place to relax and rewind, time comes to a standstill at BW. Not only is it a great holiday destination with its roomy suites and deluxe amenities, the club is also a popular pick for corporate day outs and parties. Recently, it has been rated 4 star for its luxury accommodation and 5 star for its resort experience which has only helped to make it a highly coveted vacation destination without a drivable distance from Delhi. Boarders can avail the many seasonable packages the resort offers to complement its guests.

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