A Datacenter facility which is also referred to as a data storage center, data storage vault or data center which is building where mission-critical systems such as communications and computing are housed. For data backup service providers they utilize an autonomous, disaster – hardened data center facility which helps them to maintain the integrity of their secure data storage infrastructure.

Data center facility commonly provide a strictly controlled physical environment like climate control to maintain temperature ideal for equipment operation, diesel-powered generators, uninterruptible power supply, security personnel onsite, 24x7x 365. An identical secondary facility for redundancy and maximum fault tolerance are utilized by data center providers. Data center facility is usually operated on the network using IP protocols, with redundant connectivity.

Data center facility is generally operated on a network which uses IP protocols with redundant connectivity from one or more network communications provider. To prevent intrusion threats to data center facility security elements are designed which include Virtual private network, firewalls, and backups and restore systems. As data is resided offsite and therefore protected from physical damage or theft. A data center is an office that unifies an association’s IT tasks and hardware, just as where it stores, oversees, and disperses its information. Data center houses a system’s most basic frameworks and is indispensable to the coherence of everyday tasks. Importantly, the security and unwavering quality of data center and their data is the best need for associations. Every data center facility contains chemical electrical and mechanical safety hazards that may cause injury or illness if they are not identified and mitigated in the proper manner. Therefore a comprehensive workplace safety program is an important component of a data center safety program.
Data center tiers do not depend on physical size or style. Small and medium business enterprises operate successfully with more than one storage and servers arrays networked within a convenient small room while major companies require enormous space to set up their data center equipment and infrastructure. Data center are defined by various levels of resilience or reliability which are referred to as data center tiers.

Human error and inattention may compromise the performance of any data center. Mitigating these threats and effects need an effective and efficient operations and maintenance program.