The spacious recording facility and professional tools of the Manhattan Center’s The Cabin attracts numerous musicians, and producers, including Grammy winners and nominees like David Bowie and Bastille.

[NEW YORK, 01/21/2019] – The Manhattan Center has a rich history of welcoming musicians and artists, whether they’re putting on a live concert, recording a film score, or producing an album. The center’s The Cabin studio is known for its eponymous aesthetics and professional recording equipment.

A Premier Studio Fit for the Stars

The Cabin is a spacious and premier recording studio tucked away in the Manhattan Center. Along with aniconic log cabin-inspired interior that makes the 73 by 30 feet space feel intimate, the studio space boasts a lounge and kitchen, a VIP room, an expansive live room, and an isolated drum booth. Artists and musicians can also use the studio’s Steinway baby grand piano and Yamaha drum kit.

Grammy award winners, nominees, and other famous artists who’ve recorded and produced hit songs in the studio include:

• David Bowie
• Jon Bon Jovi
• Aerosmith
• Sheryl Crow
• Justin Timberlake
• Bastille
• The 1975

Several music videos and recorded performances from local and international artists also feature The Cabin studio.

The Latest Recording Studio Equipment

The Manhattan Center’s Cabin studio boasts the latest recording equipment, which makes it an ideal studio for many musicians. The studio control room houses a Neve VR72-channel analog mixing console with flying faders and 60 mono input modules and 12 stereo input.

Artists and producers enjoy the digital ease of the studio’s Pro Tools HD X system, which has Auto-Tune, Echo Farm, and Reverb One plug-ins. The Cabin also features professional speakers including custom-built Griffin G-1 main monitors with subwoofers and Genelec 8050’s.

About The Manhattan Center

The Manhattan Center is a premier events venue located at 311 West 34th Street in New York City. Originally built in 1906, the building combines the masterful architecture of the time with technology from the 21st century. Its three iconic and visually stunning ballrooms — the Hammerstein, the Grand, and the Bank — have hosted numerous concerts, fashion shows, conferences, and more. The Manhattan Center also boasts two HD television studios and two recording studios.

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