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Tag industrial at Marcus and Millichap is a leading brokerage commercial real estate firm situated in U.S and Canada with a large network of agents and offices all over the country.

A commercial real estate broker is someone who only works for the property that is classified only to conduct business in that place. Commercial real estate property can include strip malls, office space, restaurants, convenience stores, and hotels. It is very important to find right and licensed broker to get the job done as this determines your profit margin and how much nicer your deals can be closed. There are different kinds of brokers that you can find in a market who works differently such there are licensed brokers and works as a freelancer and run their own firm, some those who are not licensed but have full knowledge of market work as an agent under another broker, some work for tenants, some works for landlords and there are many more categories of them.

The main advantage of hiring a broker is that due to their large connection they help you to find suitable buyer or seller whatever you want at your price and that also in the very minimum amount of time. Tag Industries is a leading real estate brokerage firm which is enlisted with Mnet: internal multiple listing services. This gives a huge advantage to our agents as just within three clicks they can have access to the listing of other agents of other brokerage firms. We search buyers for your property in all the markets including local, national and international markets. This not only helps in finding the potential buyers but also helps in increasing the profit margin moreover the value of your property. We have great experience in sells of commercial real estate in DFW with the help of our agents.

Our company works with experienced agents who have the best knowledge and experience in this field and also have good contacts with local people. Due to this reason, our company is the largest brokerage firm in the whole country. Our team of more than 81,000 agents scattered in different parts of the country with over 82 offices located in both Canada and U.S we are able to close the deal in a minimum proportion of time and profitably.

Contact Information:

TAG Industrial

5001 Spring Valley Road #100W

Dallas, TX 75244

Office — (972) 755–5223

Fax — (972) 755–5210

Website —