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Juvenile & Adult Re-Entry Connections (J.A.R.C.) is an organization which provides re-entry services for juveniles and adults newly released from legal custody.

When prisoners in the United States are released, they face an environment that is challenging and actively deters them from becoming productive members of society. Within few years of release, a great number of ex-offenders are rearrested. With a lot of juveniles and adults incarcerated in the United States, recidivism harms both the families of inmates and society in general, as taxpayers continue to support a broken system that sets ex-offenders up to fail once they are released.

J.A.R.C. is committed to two primary objectives. First, to reduce recidivism rates for juveniles and adults by helping those served to identify and access pro-social community networks and resources. Their second goal is to provide holistic behavioral health supports, including case management, individual, family, and group treatments, and supportive services such as vocational/job training and housing (when needed).

Each employee of J.A.R.C. acts as a bridge, helping to integrate the various aspects of clients’ lives. All services will help clients feel empowered and equipped to effectively navigate behavioral, legal, familial, educational and/or vocational systems and manifest lives which are positive, productive, and purpose-driven.

J.A.R.C’s mission is to offer hope, direction, and change to juveniles and adults newly released from legal custody. They help ex-offenders transition successfully into the community and restart life in a very positive way.

About the Owner

Juvenile & Adult Re-Entry Connections, LLC is owned by Dr. Dione Johnson, PhD, CEO. She is a dually-licensed clinical psychologist in the states of NJ and PA and a marriage and family therapist. Dr. Johnson obtained her Master’s degree in Theology and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA subsequent to obtaining a Master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from California State University, San Bernardino.

Dr. Johnson has treated individuals, children, and families with significant trauma histories and co-occurring mental health disorders such as substance abuse, personality issues, thought and affective disorders, intellectual deficits and autism spectrum disorders, and legal/forensic issues since 1999. Her work has allowed her to provide services in various mental health outpatient clinics, inpatient forensic hospital settings, community crisis response teams, correctional facilities, residential and group home placements, and with parole/probation agencies and family courts in CA, MD, PA, and NJ.

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