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KIOSK KOREA is a company specializing in the display industry. 10-year continuous growth is from active development & marketing from the domestic connections and a number of overseas corporations based in Europe, USA, and Japan. Currently, KIOSK KOREA is actively processing industrial display businesses, which are considered high-performance and high-growth businesses, As the company is fully capable of supporting and developing the display screens that usually enjoy a stable market share. We are proud of its achievement of the world’s first commercialization in the field of Transparent LCD display as well as the next-generation scopes in the 3D display industry.
Each straightforward LCD is sold as a unit, and incorporates the showcase, media board, links and power supply.
Our astounding Clear Vue Transparent Showcases enable you to exhibit your items in a dynamic and inventive way that will astonish your guests and make that WOW factor when they enter your store or business!
Here are a few points of interest of utilizing our Transparent Showcases:
• Lift deals because of its “Wow factor”
• Can play content persistently
• 1080p video playback
• Catches eye of passers by
• USB, HDMI or Android coordinated
• Backings MP4, AVI, MPG, MP2, MP3, AAC and WMA groups
• Most elevated quality straightforward screens
These are done items, prepared to use out of the container and ideal for ledge publicizing. Transparent LCD Showcase
Run of the mill applications incorporate Retail, Museums, Reception Areas, Exhibitions, Gymnasiums, Bars/Restaurants and then some.
Measurements are exchangeable so please ask for the most recent illustration.
Profundity of our features can be specially fitted to your necessities.
The straightforwardness of the showcase is controlled totally by the shade of the substance. White is straightforward (translucent) however dark obstructs the light totally, enabling you to influence the items to show up and vanish before your eyes! The renowned REVEAL makes that WOW FACTOR!
Here is a delineation showing the substance on an ordinary screen contrasted and the Transparent LCD.
We can make the exhibit any size giving we have a current Transparent LCD board and the boards can be picture/scene in addition to created in custom hues with your image/logo and so forth.
In some cases, ClearVue grandstands are alluded to as Hype boxes. Digital Shelf Display Manufacturer Korea
A portion of the numerous highlights include:
• Astounding LED Lighting
• Solid rough metal lodging
• Low power/vitality productivity
• Flexible volume
• Single power supply with single push catch control
• Most elevated quality straightforward screens