For the majority of persons, the thought of advertising brings mental pictures of multi-billion dollar companies like Disney and Coke. The adverts are usually creative, emotionally appealing and mostly larger than life. In essence, those customers will draw customers to the companies and even leave a lasting impact. But if that is your idea of marketing as a small business, it is certainly a bit devastating.

Direct Response Advertising?

Rather than attempting take the heavy-weights head on the rule of thumb is to take a different approach. This involves creating a marketing strategy, which drives action today. And when it comes to a marketing technique that drives immediate response, you should be thinking of direct response marketing.
The majority of small and medium sized businesses are very big fans of this form of marketing. One of the best things about direct response advertising is that it is highly- traceable. Further still, this advertising technique offers quantitative data, as well as actionable insights. With direct response, you get an incredibly affordable method that creates the crucial link between your advertising budget and revenues driven.

However, as with nearly all marketing strategies, direct response has a few clear rubrics for success. If you break any of them, you are unlikely to get the anticipated outcomes.

Always Have an Offer

When you hear of direct marketing, it means obtaining instant results. Remember you are not trying to develop brand recognition. You are trying to make a sale. For that reason, the sole task with your advert is to make an offer, compelling prospective customers to respond. Disguised offers won’t just cut it. Always check to ensure that all your campaigns bear a noticeable offer to which consumers can respond.

Always Have a Deadline

Direct response is not just about getting customers to respond to your advert, but to respond to your ad NOW is the ultimate goal. In other words, all your ads must have a deadline. Is it about the limited supply of the product? Is the offer coming to an end at the close of the weekend? The gist of the concept here is to make it perfect to the readers that if they do not respond immediately, they will lose out on a great deal.

Always Create a Clear Call to Action

The job isn’t done yet. You have already made a solid offer, and have made it clear to prospects that their time is limited to respond to the offer or miss out. The next most important thing that most advertising agencies forget is to give the prospects clear instructions on what should come next.

Are they supposed to call to schedule an appointment? Is there a coupon to bring in for half off?

Always ascertain that your marketing company observes these three golden rule of direct response to ensure success.

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