According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Rishikesh has been identified as the capital of adventure sports of India. Rishikesh, the host of India’s highest bungee jumping platform, along with popular and intense rafting rapids, is the first choice of adventure lovers this year; Goa was second in terms of choice of adventure lovers, while Kerala remained third.
Sh. Dilip Jawalkar, Secretary Tourism, Govt. of Uttarakhand said, “The year 2018 was celebrated as the Year of Adventure as declared by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. Getting such a significant achievement during such a year, is a matter of respect for the State Tourism Board. Rishikesh has now been honoured not only as the Yoga Capital but also been given the title as an Adventure Capital. This is a positive message for the forthcoming PATA Adventure Travel and Responsible Tourism Conference and Mart 2019 to be held in February.”
It has also been found that people chose trekking and River Rafting to be their preferred adventure sport. The reason for this has been observed as the increased number of rafting rapids available in India and people enjoying it as a group activity, to encourage team spirit.
Bungee jumping in Rishikesh has also emerged one of the most favourable activities for adventure enthusiasts; since its inception, more than 70,000 jumps have been made and it is expected to increase exponentially. Camping, in queue is being taken up in the form of another important group activity.
If you are one of the ardent adventure aficionados and are longing for your adrenaline kicks amidst the lofty mountain peaks, dense beautiful forests or the challenging rapids of the Ganges, Uttarakhand is place to be! Pack your bags, gear up and make rush your adrenaline!
Take a look the pictures below and get a gist of the adventure that awaits you at Rishikesh.