Airport is a term that fills most frequent business travellers with fatigue and boredom. It is not a place that people want to spend time at, well not usually. Unless you are at some of the best airports of the world like Singapore’s Chiangi Airport. While most airports are crowded and stressful places where you would not like to waste your time, Chiangi Airport has a different story to tell. An award winning airport, it is spectacular to see how it manages to keep its travellers engaged. It is probably an airport you really wish you had a layover.


If you are on a layover in Singapore and would like to rest, the airport has Ambassador Transit hotel and Aerotel Transit hotel right at the terminals. These hotels are also ideal for business hotel reservations and can be booked by hour or by the day. Even besides this one on the airport, the Singapore city has a lot to offer to business travellers across all price bands. Book wisely through the corporate hotels booking platform, it lets you compare the best prices of the given property and save.

Pay Lounges

Not everyone has the luxury to get a free access to airport lounges. So, if you don’t, the Chiangi Airport lets you access them at affordable prices. The Plaza Premium lounge offers local delicacies from Singapore and private suites for rest. It also has fully stocked shower rooms, nail care centre and a spa. So, no more fretting over connecting flights as there is so much you can do at the airport lounge.

Free City Tours

If you have a long layover of more than five hours, the airport also offers two guided tours of Singapore. You need to register with your passport and boarding pass at the free Singapore Tours booth. The two separate tours are meant for different touring interests, while one focusses on Singapore’s heritage and architectural past, the other is meant for sightseeing in the city.

Swimming Pool

Ever thought of swimming at the airport? Well, this amazing airport has a rooftop swimming pool which can be accessed for a small fee. If you are not much of a swimmer, well, there is a poolside bar, a Jacuzzi to relax you and shower facilities.

Butterfly Garden

If you are a nature lover, this is the best place for you to spend your layover hours. The garden is habitat to over 1000 butterflies from 40 different species along with beautiful flowering plants, lush green trees and a huge waterfall. You can watch breeding and feeding of butterflies like never before.

Movie Theatre

Looks like the airport is a city in itself. There is a theatre located at terminal 2 and 3 where travellers can watch global movies for free to spend their time.
Sip Some Tea at Tea house
If you have a short layover or just happen to reach early, you can relax your senses with traditional teas at Tung lock Tea House which apart from a variety of teas is also known for its Chinese dim sums.

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