SMPP (Short Messaging Peer to Peer) is a protocol used to send and receive the messages to and from UMTS, CDMA, GSM, TDMA, and iDEN cell phones. It is a 7th level TCP/IP protocol enabling users to send the messages at the fastest speed ever. This protocol is used by the enterprises willing to stay connected with the customers using bulk SMS services. There are many SMPP Service Provider available worldwide enabling clients to use this service without any problem and technical knowledge. Programming codes are provided by the gateway providers in different coding languages to enable the companies to integrate the software with the prevailing software on whatever language it is based on.

Advantages of implementing the SMPP protocol in the software and not using the GSM service for sending bulk SMS are as follows:

1. There is no need for GSM hardware as the SMPP protocol is a TCP/IP based protocol.
2. A simple shortcode message can be sent which is not possible in case of GSM phones.
3. An average 1000 messages can be sent within a few seconds.
4. The sender is assigned with an alphanumeric address.

Benefits of SMPP Service type:

Customer satisfaction: Businesses in the market are based only on latent customers. To maintain a healthy relationship with the customers is very important for any business to gain success. Maintaining this relationship via bulk SMS and SMPP service type is the most cost-effective technique and provide get a response from customers.

Get valuable insights: Gaining the feedbacks from the customers is equally important on the other hand. Feedback helps the businesses to improve the services should be provided and also gives a sense of priority and importance to the customers. Bulk SMS services allow the enterprises to gain the response from the customers. SMPP service type lets the enterprises receive the response within a few seconds of its send. This creates a quick process.

Simplification of responses via long code: SMPP service providers make the enterprise available with long codes which creates an easy and quick response from the customers in form of SMS. Enterprises only need to supply different keywords to different campaigns in for of SMS. These keywords are also utilized in different methods of promotion, media, etc. Long codes are some virtual numbers which directly simplifies the promotional campaign

Following are some key features of SMPP client application:

1. Enterprises can manage a large number of SMPP providers as needed. There is no limit on the number of providers. The real-time status, enable-disable status, etc. are displayed and the SMPP can also be rebounded and deleted.

2. A or many new SMPP providers can be added and all the details such as TPS character, connectivity type, and sessions can be checked.

3. A delivery report of all the sent messages are submitted and the real-time status of the message can be checked.

It’s just, you need a right SMPP Service type and SMPP provider supporting the existing software and the language it is based on. A competent SMPP server build by a skilled team can overcome all the requirements of the enterprises and sometimes also with the additional and unexpected features.