Data Control Technitic plans expansion of distribution network as next generation LiDAR product release date looms.

Hong Kong-based LiDAR pioneer, Data Control Technitic says plans are in motion to expand its distribution network as the launch of its next generation, hybrid LiDAR product suite draws closer. The company, which was set to formally launch its HD LiDAR/Video sensor package in the first quarter of 2019, says it has put the launch back to the 2nd quarter citing a minor third party supply chain glitch which has now been rectified.

Data Control Technitic’s Chief Marketing Officer says the firm wants to double the size of its network of distributors and will consider strategic partnerships with third parties outside the automotive sector. “We are committed to the automotive sector but we recognize the wealth of demand out there for sophisticated LiDAR packages and we believe that encouraging diversity within our distribution network will enable us to tap that demand far more effectively,” he explained.

Data Control Technitic says that, despite the need for more distributors, it is not planning to reduce or ease the criteria for joining its network. “Our process for selecting partners is rigorous and is characterized by meticulous due diligence to ensure they have a deep and intimate knowledge of their market. We need to be sure that they put the customer first and foremost in all their dealings since poor service reflects on the product as well as the seller,” the Data Control Techinitic Chief Marketing Officer added.

Initially, Data Control Technitic is focusing efforts on the North American market in general and the security and consumer drone sectors in particular hoping to tap into surging interest in LiDAR mapping from both.