A healthy heart is one of the most precious wealth of your body. Every person must require proper care and attention towards their health checkups especially if you have any kind of blood pressure problems. In the today’s sedentary lifestyle lots of people suffers from BP problems. It’s very essential that you keep an eye on your fluctuating blood pressure. To ease this problem Santamedical provides a trouble-free way to measure the BP with its Pro Series Wrist Digital Blood pressure Monitor with Case – 2 User. This device is like a boon for BP patients, who have to check the BP at regular intervals. It is not possible to carry the traditional BP machine at everywhere. But you can easily carry a smart wrist watch that can measure your BP at anywhere at any time.
Santamedical has changed the whole scenario of measuring the BP with its modern technique. Within a few seconds it accurately measures the BP which can be read on its screen. Wrist BP monitors is very sentient with body position. You must peacefully sit in a proper position to get an exact BP reading. Santamedical Pro series wrist BP monitor is featured with lots of useful qualities. Let’s have a look on them-
• Light weighted and easy to carry
• Use advanced technology to provide correct results
• User friendly methods to use
• Capacity to store around 180 BP readings with exact time and date
• It can be used and store readings of 2 users
• Automatically detect irregular heartbeats
• Classify BP readings as per WHO hypertension guidelines
• Portable and compact design that perfectly fits on your wrist
About the company
Santamedical Product, LLC is distinguished as a reputed healthcare manufacturing company. They are worldwide known for the innovative features of their quality products.