Insulation Batts is the oldest insulation form that existed since the 19th century, and in countries like Australia; this insulation type is the most-used thermal barrier product yet. How did it manage to survive in the market for this many decades? Well, like all other insulation product types; Insulation Batts come with a lot of benefits for all property owners in Australia. Hence, we thought of giving you more information on this versatile insulation products today; let’s get started!

A thermal barrier should come with a set of unique features and properties to make it a reliable choice. For example; durability, safety, resistance to general environmental factors, affordability, and easy-to-install are the factors to consider here. Insulation Batts come with all those unique features for your convenience. OK, what are the batt types available in the market today? Fiberglass batts, cellulose batts, earthwool batts, and pink batts are some of the examples to highlight here, and all these products come with unique features to fulfill your individual needs. We can’t say here as “this” is the best; all the types are unique in their own ways. For example, cellulose insulation products are the safest to handle today, and even a homeowner can install the product him/herself without worrying about the safety. Of course, other factors such as the right installation method come into action here.

Fiberglass batts are the oldest form of thermal barriers that existed since the 30s. Fiberglass is a natural resource that is available in abundance; hence thermal barrier manufacturers make use of it to a greater extent. Other than causing general health conditions such as skin irritations and allergy reactions, fiberglass won’t cause serious health issues on us. Well, nothing in this world is perfect; hence we can’t blame fiberglass Insulation Batts for causing such minor health issues. The manufacturers have to focus on the durability of their products too for us in this case. Anyway, if you are a homeowner who worries about those minor health issues; you can go with cellulose insulation, which is the safest thermal barrier type available in the market as we mentioned earlier. You don’t even have to wear gloves when dealing with cellulose insulation; it is 100% safe, but wearing a mask is advisable to prevent small particles from getting into your breathing system.

Earthwool and Pink Batts are other batt insulation types that we sell at NoGap, and both these types with top-class features. A quick tip: our previous articles have explained in detail the differences between Pink Batts and Earthwool insulation; you will benefit from reading those articles as well. Installation-wise, Insulation Batts take a top spot as you don’t need any machines for the task. Spray-foam and blown-in insulation need machines to install; hence you might consider it a hassle when choosing a thermal barrier for your home. Still, blown-in and spray-form types fulfill many requirements for homeowners today. For example, the installation of Insulation Batts is a big challenge on areas where structural elements hinder the process. Also, installing rigid panels and batts is less practical in such areas; hence a thermal barrier option that can go in between every nook and corner is necessary for us today. In summary, Insulation Batts is one of the best thermal barrier options available in the market for all your insulation requirements, but we can’t ignore or underestimate other product forms as well.