Movers International of Preston in Lancashire is one of the leading international shipping companies and now provides weekly runs to France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Malta. These services are perfect for businesses or individuals who need to ship small packages or cartons to these countries, and either cannot find a part container or have no need of a full-sized removal van.

Of course, if you are moving overseas and do require a full-sized removals van, needless to say that Movers International can help you with that too. Indeed, the company can move the complete contents of your home or even the complete contents of a business.

Our team at Movers International is friendly and well-versed in the art of moving both small and large amounts not just to Europe, but around the world. We know just how stressful moving home can be – even if it is only within the UK, let alone to another country – and we take every care to make your move as worry-free as possible.

For example, if you are moving abroad and are buying new furniture in the UK to take with you, or if you have to move out of the home that you have sold but your new home on the Continent is not quite ready to move into, we provide storage free of charge at our Preston depot for a period of up to four weeks. This means that you can buy new items and have them delivered here, or we can simply store the contents of your home or office until you are ready to move in to your new premises abroad.

We can also advise you on what you can and cannot take to the country to which you are moving. There are certain things which you may not be able to take, such as plants, a pet, and so on. In addition, there may be regulations, as there are in Spain, regarding your car. If you are going to live in Spain for more than six months you cannot drive a vehicle with foreign number plates, so you have to register the vehicle there and obtain Spanish plates.

At Movers International, we are aware of all these rules and regulations and so we can ensure that your move is worry-free and that your belongings do not get held up in foreign customs.