Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally given a statement to end the controversy pertaining to the Ram Mandir Ordinance. Mr. Modi has said that the ordinance on Ram Mandir will be considered only after the judicial process is finished and thereafter whatever will be our responsibility as a government we will make all efforts to accomplish it.

The Prime Minister of India in an interview has also blamed Congress lawyers for laying impediments in the speedy disposal of the Ram Mandir case before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. On an instance when PM Modi was asked whether the Ram Mandir issue is merely made emotive by BJP, he answered that a solution to this issue will be found under the Constitution of India only and same has even been said in the BJP manifesto.

In his conclusion, Mr. Modi has said that Congress should not lay obstacles in the way of judicial process and let the judicial process take its own course. He has also said that Congress should not weigh the Ram Mandir issue it in political terms. He also said that I beseech the Congress for the sake of national peace and amity that they stop its lawyers from stalling the issue in the Court.