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Guardian Forensics & Data Recovery, LLC is a digital Forensics company providing Data Recovery in addition to Forensic Services of Computers, Cell Phones, Tablets and many other forms of Digital Media. We provide forensics services for Attorneys, Law firms, corporate and individuals. Our consultants are experts at gathering, analyzing, and uncovering any type of digital evidence from all types of documents, Internet history, computer log files and email.


Guardian Forensics provides leadership and professional services in the field of digital forensics and cybersecurity investigations. As a top computer forensics company based in Arkansas and Oklahoma, we provide digital forensics expert services to clients nationwide. Our computer forensic services include civil litigation, criminal defense, corporate investigations, private investigations, digital forensics experts, and legal defense training. Guardian also specializes cybersecurity services for commercial and government organizations. Accidental or intentionally deleted files can be recovered with our expertise. Guardian consultants are certificated and experienced cell phone forensics, mobile forensics, and computer forensics experts. Unlocking the truth and recovering your data is our business.


Alvey Matlock
Owner / Digital Forensics Expert
Guardian Forensics & Data Recovery, LLC

1020 Garrison Ave #444
Fort Smith, AR USA 72901
Phone No: (479) 926-4340

2323 E Roosevelt Rd,
Little Rock, AR 72206
Phone No: (501) 712-1299
Toll Free No.: 800-403-0442
Email :