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Ajay Unni, the founder and CEO of Stickman, will be speaking on ‘Do you know who has access to what in your organisation?’ at the Identity and Access Management Webinar. The webinar is a 1 hour event that will be led by a cybersecurity and identity & access management leader with over three decades of experience. It will be held on June 24, 2020 12:00 pm AEST (Sydney< Australia).
The Identity and Access Management Webinar is an exclusive live event for CIO, CISO, CPO and IT Managers. Its key speakers include Ajay Unni (Founder, CEO – Stickman) and Binod Singh (Founder, CEO – Ilantus – They will be speaking on key insights on IAM best practices, authentication using multifactor and decentralised identity, identity governance and user management, multi-tenant, hybrid and multi-cloud IAM.

In a recent survey, 82% of IT professionals said their business was exposed to risk as an outcome of poor identity and access management practices, including loss of employee data (36%), loss of client data (33%), and financial losses (26%). This webinar will help IT teams take control of their business security to identify and understand the major identity and access management challenges that IT teams face today, and to start addressing them. This webinar is presented by Stickman and Ilantus.

Stickman helps keep your company safe with managed cyber security services. They provide critical services that not only make your company secure but ensure that it stays that way. They will mitigate your cyber security risks and help you meet your business goals today and in the future.

Join them at this webinar and get key insights on identity and access management challenges. Please follow this link to learn more and register yourself for webinar:

To know more about Stickman’s cyber security services, visit their website Contact them at 1800 785 626 or mail your queries to

About the Company:
Stickman helps companies fight the constant threat of cyberattack and data breach. At Stickman, they believe cyber is human, because cyber security is a part of them. Their aim is to create and maintain a secure cyber world by shaping the future of cybersecurity by bringing together new methodologies, security experts, ethical hackers, technologies, solutions and managed cyber security services.