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Cubit Technology is a London-based IT support company that offers customised IT solutions for businesses. It provides reliable cloud support that helps clients work remotely, save costs and ensure business continuity.

[London, 29/04/2020] – With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, several businesses are forced to work remotely to minimise the spread of the virus. Instead of meeting in the office, organisations operate on a virtual office, allowing their team to work from the comfort of their home.
Some businesses, though, struggle with setting up the logistics of remote work. Cubit Technology can help by offering reliable cloud support services.

The Benefits of Moving Business to Cloud

With several web-enabled devices – such as smartphones and tablets – access to data is possible in the cloud. With the cloud, businesses can:

• Reduce costs: Businesses save costs by using the resources of Cubit Technology instead of purchasing expensive equipment and software.
• Scale their business needs: Businesses can scale up or down their operations according to their needs.
• Ensure business continuity: The cloud ensures that data is accessible and protected in a secure location, minimising downtime during a crisis.

Cloud Support Services by Cubit Technology

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Cubit Technology has guided several businesses into transitioning to cloud systems. Their support includes major platforms like:

• Amazon Web Services
• Google Apps
• Office 365

The company also helps clients find the best Internet connectivity:

• ADSL 2+
• EFM – Ethernet in the First Mile
• Fibre leased line
• FTTC – Fibre To the Cabinet
• Wimax/4G

Cubit Technology works closely with clients to find a cloud solution that meets their business requirements. Their team of experts will get to know what their clients need based on headcount, the nature of their business, security and other factors.

Cubit will present options to the clients and inform them of the specifications of each solution to help them make an informed decision. After the client has decided on a solution, Cubit will administer and maintain the cloud system, making sure it is fully integrated with a business’ existing systems.

About Cubit Technology

Cubit Technology is an IT support company that has been serving businesses in London for over 15 years. It works with the philosophy of finding the best solution to improve productivity in the workplace. Clients benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of the entire company to find solutions that help them deliver the best quality of work.

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