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The beguiling beauty of visiting South Africa is undeniable for many reasons. For one, we have gorgeous weather year-round, especially in the north-east of the country at Klaserie Private Nature Reserve. And, different seasons bring different faces of this fantastic part of our world; each displaying splendid qualities and striking expressions.

At The Last Word Kitara, we classify these seasons into three distinct periods. In this edition, we unpack the virtues of each so you can work out which may resonate with you best. Each holds the potential to leave you with special memories – moments in time you’ll carry with you forever.

If you, like us, are longing for a safari adventure then we’ve got just the antidote for you. Join us now on an armchair safari where we cast our minds back over the past year. When you’re ready to make your booking once the dust has settled, we’d be delighted. Here’s a glimpse into our wild world.

January to June: Mid-Summer through Mid-Winter

What can be better than warm, summer rain and the clean, fresh air that follows? Summertime is a delight in the Klaserie, transforming the bush into a lush green paradise. With rain comes brimming waterholes and rushing rivers and that opens a whole new world of beauty in the natural realm.

The north-east of South Africa blesses us with warm weather in this period. Temperatures in the daytime reaching the mid-thirty degrees celsius, and typically carry with them the promise of majestic thunderstorms in the late afternoon. Believe us, a quick refreshing rain shower in the afternoon is most welcome during these months! Against this verdant backdrop, the antelopes drop their young, so you can look forward to congregations of giraffe, jackal and impala, all in all making it a magical time.

Such backgrounds with baby animals as subjects are but one of the many reasons photographers flock to our reserve during these months. After the afternoon rain, the sky brightens and holds an almost iridescent quality that mesmerises our camera wielding guests.

From late April onwards you will be treated to magnificent herds of buffalo moving through the reserve, some throngs up to 80-strong.

Get in touch with us for our year-round specials and experience a safari the way you should; in luxury with The Last Word.