H&M Move and Sport Without Borders Amplify The Positive Power of Role Models


On World Childrens Day, H&M Move and Sport Without Borders have joined forces to empower young people with opportunities through sport. At its core and mission, this partnership endeavours to build trust and inspire by amplifying the positive power of local role models, whose passions for sport drive positive change withincommunities.

This two-year partnership is set to provide 2,500 young people in Sweden with meaningful activities during PE lessons, after school, and during school holidays. Sport Without Borders focuses on communities, at risk for segregation and exclusion. They also work in close collaboration with schools, municipalities, local sport associations, and businesses with a focus on building preventive and long-term programs.

In every classroom there are children who feel excluded. It not only affects their self-esteem, but their ability to perform well in school and other areas of life. I believe that sport has the power to change the world and through sport we can connect with the kids and make them believe in themselves. Thats why I founded Sport Without Borders back in 2010, and were thrilled to join forces with H&M Move to be able to strengthen our work further, –says Admir Lukacević.

H&M Moves Brand Mover, Zlatan Ibrahimović, who has removed barriers and inspired many children to dream, reaffirms the importance of role models and finding belonging early in life.

Its crucial to find a place where you feel important. I often felt judged or excluded growing up, but sports gave me a place where I felt belonging and gave me confidence. Theres power in confidence, and its empowered me to pass that on to others. Through movement, I want to inspire others to discover who they can become,says Zlatan Ibrahimović.

The partnership with Sport Without Borders is part of H&M Moves community program, Move Together, enabling access for young people to experience all the benefits of moving together physically as well as mentally and socially.

Everyone probably remembers a role model who inspired or guided them. We believe Sport Without Borders role models are crucial in creating hope and supporting young people to find their paths in life,says Diana Amini, Head of Move Together Program.

To name just a few empowering role models, please let us introduce

Pernilla Winbergis a former national team player in ice hockey and has participated in four Olympics. She is particularly passionate about getting girls involved in traditionally male-dominated sports.

Ahmed Mataris part of the world elite in parkour. He aims to inspire kids to feel the happiness and hope that sport has brought to him.

Josefin Olheimis a former professional basketball player and has played in both the Italian and Swedish leagues. Her strength is to create a good connection with kids, always aiming to be a good role model, on and off court.

Joel Johanssonis active in judo and used to compete in the Swedish championships. Hes now dedicated to sharing how sports contribute to social as well as mental well-being.

Jonas Petrosis a former professional football player. Hes using his own experience to inspire young people to find their passion through sport.

About Move Together and H&M Move:
Move Together is H&M Moves community program. We support young people to enjoy all the benefits of moving together. We remove barriers, share resources, and create collective energy to play our part for a more inclusive world. Move Together, However you Move.

H&M Move is a movement brand. We celebrate movement and invite the world to move. We make stylish and functional movewear accessible to everybody, in a more sustainable way.

About Sport Without Borders
Sport Without Borders is a non-profit organisation that uses sports and good role models as tools, and the school as the main arena by introducing activities in PE lessons and after school to help children increase their self-confidence and believe in themselves as capable actors in their lives.

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