We’re facing a biodiversity crisis

We’re working with Nature Based Insetting at Oxford University, WWF and more to address the biodiversity crisis


We want to be a regenerative business that adds value to society and the environment. We’re combatting climate change with ambitious plans to reduce our own carbon footprint. This means being more resource efficient with energy and water, using more renewable energy, and designing for a lower carbon economy – for our sites, our products and our suppliers.

We know that our health and our planet’s health are connected – you can read more about this in our Sustainability Ambitions. Protecting and restoring our biodiversity is crucial for the future of both people and the planet.

Did you know? We’re facing the loss of one million animal and plant species.

If we’re going to address this crisis, we need to agree on global targets. And the time to act is now.

What are we doing about it?

The world is now waking up to the scale of the problem. We’ve formed partnerships with leading industry bodies, to help guide our response in creating a cleaner, healthier world. And together, we’re achieving great things.

  • We rely on healthy ecosystems in order to produce sustainable rubber used in our Durex products, palm oil used in Dettol and selected fragrances for lots of our products – from Air Wick to Harpic. That’s why we’ve partnered with Nature Based Insetting at Oxford University in order to assess our ecosystem impacts, set meaningful targets and build a roadmap to deliver them.
  • Our partnership with Oxford University means we are at the forefront of developing an industry leading, evidence-based approach to mapping biodiversity targets – not only to protect ecosystems but to strengthen them by developing nature-based solutions and creating opportunities for carbon insetting. Want to know more about our work with Oxford University? Watch this space!
  • But we can’t wait to have all the answers and we all need to play our part. That’s why we’re already working in partnership with WWF to protect and regenerate biodiversity. Through our global partnership with WWF we’re restoring freshwater ecosystems and wildflower habitats through our brand partnerships with Air Wick and Finish.

How can dolphins tell us about the health of our rivers?

Our partnership with WWF has a focus on protecting freshwater sources, restoring 2,100km of habitat in the Amazon and Ganges rivers in Brazil and India.

One of the ways we’re doing this is through the support of river dolphins – which are a key indicator of river health. If the dolphin population is thriving, then the overall state of the freshwater system is also likely flourishing. But, if the population is on the decline, then it’s considered a red flag for the ecosystem as a whole.

An expedition recently took place along the Tapajos River in Brazil, carrying out a survey of the river’s dolphin population. This is an extremely important project to establish the population trend and better understand what we can do to support this species.

And this expedition was particularly special as it was attended by three Reckitt Brazil colleagues.

‘Age of Change’: coming up…

A BBC Global documentary will go live on 5th July exploring the inspirational activity WWF and Air Wick have been delivering to restore the migration path of Monarch butterflies in Mexico. In just one year, together with local communities, 18 million trees have been planted. By doing this, we’re protecting pollinators in Mexico which are crucial to ensuring biodiversity as well as a resilient supply chain for our fragrances.

Don’t miss it!

You can find out more about our Sustainability Ambitions here.

And We’re Live: WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE Network is Officially On Air

WBC LIVE Channel Lineup

WBC LIVE Channel Lineup

KENSINGTON, U.K.Sept. 15, 2021PRLog — The World Boxing Council (WBC) and VIVE Network have released the long-awaited WBC LIVE Channel  Powered by VIVE, as well as a fresh suite of applications. The universal rollout comes just in time for two live pay-per-view events that will stream in 4K exclusively on the newly-minted service.

WBC LIVE Channel Powered by VIVE makes its debut with a comprehensive mixture of professional boxing commentary programs from established personalities, WBC Vault content,   full fight replays of professional cards that have been streamed on VIVE’s platform in the past, as well as plenty of promotional content profiling upcoming fight cards, promoters, and athletes. Well-known contributors to the dynamic lineup include Pedro Fernandez – 38-year radio veteran of Ring Talk, Michael Montero of The Neutral Corner, Terel “TstreeT Controversy” Vann of Fight View 360, Claudio Reilsono, Luther Dupree, and Smokin’ Jim Frazier of The Boxing Authorities, and Brits, Joe Pugh and Jack Orme, of Pep Talk UK.

“I am extremely excited to be a part of the WBC family and the launch of an innovative 24-hour digital boxing network. In the eyes of fans and media alike, the WBC is widely recognized as the leading sanctioning among the governing bodies. I am blessed to have this opportunity to provide content for the platform. Digital broadcasting is the future of sports, and I can’t wait to see what the WBC Channel Powered by VIVE Network has in store,” says Terel Vann.

The content is predominantly English for the time being; however, Spanish-only time slots will be added imminently. More information about programming and talent is available at bit.ly/WBCshows.

WBC LIVE Channel’s purpose is two-fold: (1) to appeal to sports fans with an appetite for premium broadcast events who own the multi-millions of UHD HDR-capable displays; and (2) to expose boxing fans to lesser-known, up-and-coming boxing talent they may otherwise never hear about or see. The boxing hub offers a round-the-clock, leanback entertainment experience that both reflects upon the history of the sport, as well as explores the multiple facets of its present and future. Viewers may keep up with current champions, rules and regulations, sport politics, and much more.

Two professional pay-per-view boxing events are scheduled to stream live in 4K this week on WBC LIVE Channel, including a doubleheader amateur/professional event in Atlanta on Thursday, September 16 commemorating Mexican Independence Day. The amateur card – of the moniker Atlanta Corporate Fight Night 14 – will feature the face behind The Neutral Corner, Michael Montero a.k.a. Montero On Boxing vs. John Harley Ochoa  as the main event followed immediately thereafter by professional card Underground Showdown headlined by Abel Aparicio vs. Michael Gaxiola. Tickets and full bout cards are available at bit.ly/ATLcorpfightnight for $14.99, and proceeds benefit Ridgeview Alumni Charitable Corporation (mental health and addiction treatment). Then, the professional boxing show, VIVA Playa Del Carmen, happens on Saturday, September 18. Tickets are available at bit.ly/vivaplayadc.

Fight fans that want to stay apprised of WBC LIVE upcoming programs and events may subscribe to email and SMS notifications by visiting bit.ly/WBClivenews.

The freemium linear entertainment shall remain ad-free for a limited time. Likewise, the VIVE TV apps are free to download on iOS, Android TV & mobile, Roku, as well as online. Beginning in Q4 2021, VIVE Network plans to offer WBC LIVE Channel on various popular ad-supported linear streaming platforms.

Account registration is advised by visiting live.vivetv.network. VIVE TV apps are available either by searching ‘VIVE TV’ in the respective app stores or download at the following links:

  • iOS – bit.ly/WBConiOS
  • Android Mobile – bit.ly/WBConAndroid
  • Roku – bit.ly/WBConRoku


Danielle Jacaman, Communications Director

VIVE Media Services, Inc.