Blue Shark Vodka Expands Distribution Throughout South Carolina

 Blue Shark Vodka is pleased to announce that all three of our bottles are now available throughout the Palmetto State. The Wilmington, North Carolina-based award-winning vodka began distributing in South Carolina in June through Aleph Wines — the premiere distributor in the state.

Aleph owner Jean-Pierre Chambas partnered with Blue Shark Vodka founder Mark Bloomquist to bring North Carolina’s favorite vodka to the islands, beaches and across the entire state of South Carolina. “At Aleph Wines, we support and promote quality craft spirits that are truly authentic and made with the best ingredients,” said Chambas. “We were thrilled to discover Blue Shark Vodka. The vodka is superb, and the story of the brand, and the family behind the brand is fantastic. We are very excited to represent Blue Shark Vodka here in South Carolina.”

For Blue Shark Vodka, the expansion means an even greater opportunity to invest in the Carolina coastline as a whole. From its inception, Blue Shark Vodka has used proceeds to fund critical shark research, most recently with The Atlantic Shark Institute. Dwindling shark populations signal serious problems in ocean health and the Blue Shark Vodka team hopes to be part of the solution. South Carolinians can expect shark research projects, beach sweeps and more Blue Shark events in the future. “We have such a passion for our coastline, it seemed only fitting to expand into South Carolina. Our vodka has become the preferred vodka of North Carolina, and we now hope to be the favorite vodka of the Carolinas,” said Bloomquist.


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Blue Shark Vodka and Atlantic Shark Institute Find Vulnerabilities in Shark Populations

 Throughout June and July Blue Shark Vodka’s shark research mission with The Atlantic Shark Institute was unable to locate any female blue sharks, pointing to extreme vulnerabilities in the species’ population. Blue Shark Vodka’s intention was, in addition to funding needed research, all shark lovers to engage in the project by following the females online as they migrated south with the help of tracking devices. This did not pan out as an option as some of the world’s leading shark researchers could not locate the females at all. It is what the researchers did not find that ended up being some of the most interesting information.

Below is an update from Blue Shark Vodka founder Mark Bloomquist:

“After weeks at sea, our dedicated research team was unable to locate any female Blue Sharks. Helping protect and preserve the docile blue shark has always been at the center of our mission, but we are leaving this tagging mission with a renewed sense of urgency.

“Our intention in funding The Atlantic Shark Institute’s shark research was to help collect much needed data on sharks during their migration, but with no female blue sharks tagged, we have more questions than answers — and frankly a whole lot of concern.

“On the heels of popular documentaries and news reports about disappearing shark populations, we too are now seeing something amiss in our oceans. But, after all the great support we have received, we at Blue Shark Vodka also have a renewed sense of hope we can combat this crisis and work to help our oceans. We believe in our partners like The Atlantic Shark Institute and Wyland Foundation to lead us into the future.

“Thank you for buying and supporting Blue Shark Vodka — every purchase will continue to aid in this critical shark research and bring in those answers about shark populations we so desperately need.”

Though no female blue sharks were tagged, here are some sharks the team tagged with tracking devices we will follow this summer and fall for research:

– Two juvenile Great White Shark in Rhode Island (The ASI will follow her for 10 years)

– 500-pound thresher shark (It’s large size will make this an important shark to follow.)

– Five endangered short-fin mako sharks

– Tagged and released over 20 male blue sharks, listed as near-endangered.

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1804 vodka is a new premium vodka to enter the UK market

London, UK, 23 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Made from fine wheat grain that is grown and harvested in the sunkissed fields of Bercloux in southwest France, It stands above its competitors in taste and quality

1804 Vodka is Distilled 5 times and filtered through activated carbon then combined with spring water, it is then transported in specially adapted containers to the uk where the liquid it is bottled in a state of the art facility. 1804 Vodka is a smooth-tasting spirit that is excellent to drink straight “on the rocks” or with any mixer of your choice, it is the new status symbol of those who want to be seen drinking the finest spirit money can buy.

Blue Shark Vodka Wins Highest Marks of Any North Carolina Vodka at 2021 SIP Awards

The international SIP Awards announced results of their 2021 competition Tuesday, revealing Blue Shark Vodka has won its second consecutive Platinum award in the vodka category.

In total the Wilmington distillery won six awards this year including being named “Best in Class” Platinum for package design for Blue Shark’s entire bottle series; a Platinum for package design for the original bottle including a hand-blown glass shark swimming inside; an Innovation Award for the same bottle; a Double Gold in package design for a special edition bottle created by ocean muralist Wyland; and a Platinum tasting award for the vodka, making it one of the leading vodkas in the world.

Blue Shark was the only North Carolina vodka to receive a Platinum award in 2021 and one of two vodkas in the United States to be recognized in this distinguished class. Being it was the second consecutive Platinum for Blue Shark, the vodka was also awarded a Consumer’s Choice Award.

“We are beyond thrilled to learn that consumer judges have validated all our hard work in distilling an exceptional product,” said Blue Shark Vodka founder, Mark Bloomquist. “Our goal is to shine a spotlight on North Carolina and the incredible creators in the food and spirits industry here. Receiving this kind of attention at the SIP Awards is a great opportunity to do just that. We are proud to represent North Carolina vodka in this competition.”

Blue Shark Vodka’s smooth and unique flavor profile comes from its main ingredient — Non-GMO North Carolina sweet corn.

Blue Shark Vodka 2021 SIP Awards

● Platinum Tasting Award

● Consumer’s Choice Award 2021

● Platinum Bottle Design, original glass shark bottle

● Innovation Award 2021, original glass shark bottle

● Double Gold Bottle Design, Wyland Special Edition Bottle

● Platinum Best in Class, entire Blue Shark Vodka bottle series

About Blue Shark Vodka

Made with non-GMO North Carolina sweet corn, Blue Shark Vodka is a family-owned spirits company on a mission to preserve and protect the sharks swimming up North Carolina’s coast and beyond. The sweet corn mash that goes into each small batch of vodka is behind the success of it being the world’s smoothest vodka. Blue Shark Vodka is currently available in all North Carolina ABC stores in both 750mL bottles and 1.5L bottles.

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About The SIP Awards

The SIP Awards Competition is the only internationally recognized consumer judging spirits competition. Catering to the opinions and palates of the discerning public, the SIP Awards present a unique, spirit judging competition, unaffected by industry bias. This pragmatic and refreshing model of evaluation provides an honest stage for feedback and recognition where top brands showcase their achievements.

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