#VichitraKintuSatya Series: Read these stories, you’ll start believing in ghosts

Miracles, magic and ghosts are words that we cannot rely on in the age of science. If something similar happens in front of our eyes, then we begin to understand the science behind it. Or they say that it should be investigated … only then can we reach a conclusion and trust it. But there are some stories in the world, beyond which science has also accepted defeat.

Yonaguni ruins

In 1986, divers found a cliff ladder near Yonaguni Island in Japan. These submerged structures are in large clusters and have a height of up to 5 storeys. The artifacts found there prove the existence of humans in those places. If we believe that these structures are man-made, they belong to prehistoric civilizations.

Andrew Carlson

The man described himself as coming from 2256, in 2003, the FBI arrested a man accused of a stock exchange scam, making 126 very high-risk deals in the stock market and making $ 350 million, though only $ 800 for him . Had invested When caught, he told the police that he had received this information from the future. Someone paid $ 1 million for it and Andrew Carlson disappeared forever.

Dancing plague

An illness in which people started dancing but stopped while dying. It was July 1518, Strasbourg, France when Mrs. Trophia started dancing and did not stop again. A week later, 34 more people started dancing with her. After a month, hundreds of dancers arrived. He danced non-stop. The result was that 400 people died of exhaustion, heart attack or stroke. Science also has no answer to this incident.

Bimini road

During the 1930s, the American psychologist Edgar Cass made a claim, according to which, in 1968 or 1969, the ruins of the lost city of ‘Atlantis’ would be found in Bimini.

In September 1968 near the Paradise Point in North Bimini, 700 meters long, neatly carved limestone blocks were found in the sea. This series of blocks is now called ‘Bimini Road’. While some believe that these famous civilizations are remnants of ‘Atlantis’, some believe that it is the result of seeped deepening.

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