User-Friendly Motopick 4 Software Adds No-Code Capability for High-Speed Pick and Place

 Featuring multiple improvements and optimization, Yaskawa’s advanced MotoPick™ 4 software solution empowers operators to quickly develop custom applications to achieve critical cycle rates for high-speed picking applications. With the building blocks to create optimal solutions for up to 16 robots and up to 6 conveyors or 16 tables per robot, this powerful yet easy-to-use software can synchronize multiple robots equipped with sophisticated vision to pick fast moving product off a conveyor and place it on an outfeed device, tray or box in an organized arrangement.

MotoPick 4 provides precise control and coordination for conveyor speed, accommodating tracking speed up to 1-M/sec. If the advancement of either the infeed or outfeed conveyor falls behind, the software can be configured with an area that slows or stops conveyors until the operation is equalized. Additionally, the intuitive software features a pause function that allows for the system to be paused and later resumed without losing track of item positions.

Dynamic load balancing for single or multiple robot systems is easily accommodated. The ability to asynchronously pick up to four parts with multiple placements per cycle is also offered, with up to 32 different product types to be easily picked and sorted. The gripper is allowed up to eight zones.

Supporting multiple encoders and cameras, a robot interface board greatly reduces the integration wiring and panel real estate required for a multiple robot cell. Cameras are supported based on conveyor width, workpiece size, target accuracy, production volume and conveyor speed, and they do not need to be aligned in a pre-defined way.

Multi-layer tray support allows multiple layer pattern picking or placing with trays.

MotoPick 4 is compatible with the FS100 and YRC1000micro controllers, as well as the MLX300 controller software solution.

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Paralenz is a Fun User-Friendly Underwater Video Camera Now Available for Rent at Dive Shops

Users can capture vacation memories while collecting vital data to support worldwide ocean conservation

MIAMIJuly 14, 2021PRLog — Paralenz ( is a powerful, user-friendly underwater video camera enjoyed by scuba divers, snorkelers and coastal tourists seeking to capture their underwater adventures in beautiful high-quality video and still photos. The camera is now available for daily rental at select dive shops in Florida and Italy for $25 (25 euros) per day.

“The Paralenz rental camera is simple to use and by making it available to rent, more underwater explorers can capture their vacation memories without making a permanent investment,” said Lise Engelbrecht, chief executive officer of Paralenz. “Our camera can capture any ordinary underwater adventure in high-quality video and turn any diver or snorkeler into a citizen scientist contributing to ocean conservation.”

Ease of Use Is Top of Mind

The Paralenz rental camera is based on the company’s flagship model, the Paralenz Vaquita, modified to offer an easy-to-use point-and-shoot camera experience with powerful technology that yields high-quality videos, patented Automatic Depth-Controlled Color Correction, an ultra-light-sensitive lens, quick auto-edit functions, integrated GPS and video-sharing options.

The heart of the Paralenz experience is the Paralenz App. When consumers rent the camera, they download the free app, which offers a dive log, media library and multiple sharing options, as well as “TheOceanBase,” an interactive map where users can upload their videos.

“Our goal was to develop a fun and functional app for Paralenz camera users,” said Peter Thiell, chief technology officer. “It’s the  hub where you save your underwater recordings, geek out over dive statistics and get inspired by other divers’ uploaded dive footage from  around the world.”

Rental customers’ recorded footage is private and secure, and is available for download from the cloud for up to three months after the rental. Video assets can be edited in the Paralenz App and easily shared with friends, family or to social media.

A Camera with a Higher Purpose

Every dive shared on TheOceanBase via the Paralenz App contributes valuable ocean data — conductivity, temperature, depth and geolocation — to Paralenz’s conservation partner Coral Restoration Foundation, in Key Largo, Florida.

“We are excited at the possibilities presented by this relationship with Paralenz, and with every diver using a Paralenz camera,” said Amelia Moura, science program manager at Coral Restoration Foundation. “This kind of huge, user-generated, real-time data resource could add incredible value to our restoration efforts, supporting our monitoring strategy and potentially helping us as we evolve our coral restoration strategies over the coming years.”

Now Available for Rent or Purchase

To find a location to rent a Paralenz camera in Florida or Italy, follow this link (

The Paralenz Vaquita also is available for purchase ( for $749 on the Paralenz website. The camera comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and 12-month warranty. Paralenz also offers a line of accessories ( that enhance the versatility and usability of the camera.

EDITORS NOTE: The Paralenz retail rental kiosk and rental process are illustrated in this video (

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About Paralenz

Paralenz is a Denmark-based technology company that develops pioneering underwater cameras. Through their innovative products and by engaging with their community, Paralenz seeks to overcome environmental indifference and inspire people to become advocates for the ocean. Paralenz empowers divers to easily capture and share underwater footage with friends and family, and real-time ocean data with scientific communities seeking to protect and preserve the oceans.