Uncover the Redemptive Power of Michael D. Goldsmith’s “The Man Who Built the Cross”

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The Man Who Built the Cross, a poignant and powerful story from Michael D. Goldsmith, is a stirring tale of faith, forgiveness and redemption. Set in the time of Jesus crucifixion, the narrative follows Josiah, a simple carpenter, as he is forced to build a cross for the execution of the man he has come to admire and love. It is a story of how Josiahs own spiritual journey of salvation parallels the struggle of Jesus as He faces His own death on the cross.

The Man Who Built the Cross is an inspirational and thought-provoking book that offers glimpses into the depths of belief and the power of redemption. Through Josiahs journey, readers will gain a better understanding of what it means to accept Gods grace and forgiveness, and the strength of faith even in the face of extreme adversity.

The story is written with an honest and easy-to-read style, with each chapter unfolding like a piece of scripture unfolding. Goldsmiths writing is vivid and powerful, painting a vivid picture of the events of Jesus crucifixion. He captures the emotion and tension of the time, providing readers with an intimate look into the lives of those involved.

The Man Who Built the Cross is a compelling read for both the believer and the skeptic, and a book that can touch the hearts of all who read it. Through its emotional and uplifting narrative, Goldsmith encourages readers to seek out Gods forgiveness, and to strive for faith even in their darkest of days.

The Man Who Built the Cross is a beautiful and inspiring story that will stay with readers long after they finish it. By exploring the depths of faith and redemption, Goldsmith has created a powerful and moving narrative that will help readers to discover their own spiritual journey.

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The Man Who Built the Cross Kindle Edition
Author: Michael D. Goldsmith
Publisher: The Great I Am Publishing (November 8, 2018)
Publication date: November 8, 2018
Language: English

About the Author
Michael Goldsmith writes a daily devotional that goes to three hundred people a day via e-mail. Once a month, the Word of the Month is published in the Outreacher, a Christian periodical written in New Philadelphia, Ohio. He lives in Proctor, Minnesota. For more information, feel free to contact Michael at michaelgoldsmith997@yahoo.com. –This text refers to an alternate kindle_edition edition.

Uncover the Facts Behind the Secret of the Imminent Destructive War

Genre: Documentary, National Security
Target Audience: All ages of the general population in America and the world.

About the Author
Simona Pipko was born in Moscow, USSR. A graduate of the Leningrad Law School, she practiced law as a defense attorney for twenty-five years in the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. Leaving behind her Communist husband, she immigrated to the United States with her two children in 1981.

While living in New York City and teaching at the New School for Social Research and New York University, she wrote a series of articles for various publications, including The International Lawyer ABA, Law, and National Security Intelligence Report. She is also an Alumni of the George Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies.

Simona Pipko is the author of six books and over 100 articles published in the United States. Since 2010 she has been engaged in writing a series of articles under the general title: Soviet Socialism in the Twenty-first Century. The series is published by Red County South, www.redcounty.com/south/florida/sarasota under the name of Vera Berg, in the rubric of Colony Rabble.
Other information at https://drrichswier.com/author/spipko/ the articles written by Simona Pipko 2010-2021 Soviet Fascism in the 21st Century.