“Unspoken Truth From A Buried Past” by Kylen S. Barron is a Book Enjoyed by Readers for Its Intriguing Story

Kylen S. Barron has the readers enthralled with his book because of its exciting and thought-provoking tale.

San Diego, California, USA – WEBWIRE

“The book was well written and easy read. Held a lot of thoughtful insight of the author’s perspective.” – Jackie Faison.

“An awesome/must-read. Well-written.” – B.W

“Well written and I could not put it down until I finished the book.” – William Adams

“Unspoken Truth: From a Buried Past” by this author, discovers the controversial and captivating story of family secrets, deceit, lust, and abuse through an engrossing trip that takes them on a fascinating adventure.

Three marriages, racial conflicts, a child, and a secret affair are just a few of the issues that have been plaguing Shyrell’s family for decades without their knowledge. She’s always asked herself, “what?” and “why?” she’s always wondered.

Never in a million years will she or her siblings consider the possibility that there is a “who?” Travel with Shyrell as she uncovers the truth about her mother’s secrets, her marriage, her family, and, finally, herself in this true-life narrative.

After experiencing decades of abuse at the hands of her mother, the answer to the question of “who” would come unexpectedly through a social networking platform five years after her mother’s death; according to the author, it would take years for the “what” and the “why” to come together ultimately.

It had been almost 60 years since the answers to the questions “who, what, and why” had been buried deep within the heart and soul of the one person still alive who would unlock Pandora’s box to the “Unspoken Truth” of her mother’s tumultuous past from Charleston to Philadelphia regarding her unidentified baby born in 1957.

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Barron also has an upcoming 3-part series of children’s books titled “I Think Differently” that discusses autism through the heart of a child; the first part of this children’s series will be coming out this fall.